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Spaceship Earth: An accident at the intersection

When it comes to protecting our planet and solving the climate crisis we are in, we can’t forget all of those who have come before our generation. We can’t forget those who have put their lives on the line long before Greta Thunberg started sitting outside the Swedish Parliament. The climate movement as it exists […]

Spaceship Earth: A land of opportunity?

At Tufts there are large systems of advisors and administrators who work to help students find success, opportunities and employment from the day students matriculate to after graduation. Many hours go into championing us to become the pioneers of public policy, the researchers who discover the next form of renewable energy and the ambassadors of tomorrow’s world. […]

Spaceship Earth: A climate conversation

As a way to get to know us, the writers, and gain some insight into the minds of two different organizers, we thought a conversation would be a fun way to cover some interesting and under-discussed territory. Noah Mills (NM): You just came off of being a great contributor to putting together the climate strike […]

Spaceship Earth: The climate costs of war

The United States has a war problem. Post 9/11, it has been in a state of endless war. This campaign is deadly and has many consequences, from thousands of civilian deaths, like the 30 pine nut farm workers who were recently killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan to pumping the air full of greenhouse gases. […]

Spaceship Earth: STRIKE — You’re out!

There are plenty of things to do on a Friday here on Tufts campus: getting food with friends, sitting all day in a class or thinking about all the homework you have to get done this weekend (Why is there always so much?). But make this Friday different — take action and join the Global […]

Spaceship Earth: Earth Day, nearly 50 years later

Although every day should be treated like it is Earth Day, the day we have officially designated to celebrate this space rock we all live on is now upon us. As we all take an extra bit of time to make sure we are doing the best we can for our planet and thinking about […]

Spaceship Earth: Communities and the climate

When following national climate news, it can be extremely exciting to read articles about progress being made, and feel like real change is happening and that there is hope for the future. However, when bad news arises, it’s also easy to get demoralized. With a truly global catastrophe such as climate change, it often feels […]

Spaceship Earth: Get mad about markets

As capitalism has grown and expanded in the past few centuries, it has sought new markets to privatize and sell its wares. Initially, land was a common market that became privately owned and then sold or rented to others. Labor also developed as a market, and under neoliberalism, aspects of our own individual identities have begun […]

Spaceship Earth: Two Minutes to Midnight

In 1947, artist Martyl Langsdorf designed the Doomsday Clock to demonstrate how close mankind was to global catastrophe as a result of the newly designed nuclear bomb. At its creation, it was set at seven minutes to midnight, with midnight representing catastrophe. Since then, members of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board have maintained the clock, […]

Spaceship Earth: The bottom deck of a sinking ship

When thinking about the Titanic, images of drowning and loss spring to mind; however, this was not the fate of all those aboard the ship. In fact, more than half of the wealthy people on board survived the shipwreck, and lived on to tell their stories. While 61 percent of first-class passengers survived, only 42 percent of second-and […]