Noah Habeeb is a a fifth year MA/BA student at UEP studying Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning. Noah can be reached at [email protected]

Letter to the Editor: Dean Solomont ignores double standards for dialogue

Disclaimer: Noah Habeeb is a former executive copy editor at the Daily. Alan Solomont writes in his April 18 op-ed “Is this civic engagement?” that “Tufts University has a long and impressive history of students advocating for change.” I would add that Tufts also has a long and impressive history of chastising these very students […]

Student Affairs Office revises disciplinary sanctions, policies

The Student Judicial Process, which holds students and student organizations accountable for violations of university and local policies, was revised over the summer recess by the Student Affairs Office. According to Judicial Affairs Administrator Mickey Toogood, most of the process has remained the same, though the scheme of disciplinary sanctions has undergone significant revisions. The […]

Tufts Climate Action students penalized amid changes to judicial process

Returning members of Tufts Climate Action (TCA) who participated in last semester’s sit-in protest in Ballou Hall from April 22 to April 24 were placed on probation over the summer recess. Students were notified individually of the disciplinary action on May 15, a week after final exams ended. They were told that they had received varying levels of probation […]

The meaning of apartheid

It is undeniable that apartheid has entered mainstream discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Jimmy Carter penned his book “Peace Not Apartheid” in 2006. Archbishop Desmond Tutu and many others who experienced South African apartheid have described Israel as an apartheid state. Even Secretary of State John Kerry slipped this past April and said Israel might […]

Ferguson protests reach Boston

Peaceful protesters, including over 80 Tufts students, marched through Boston on the night of Tuesday, Nov. 25, shutting down Roxbury streets before clashing with police at the I-93 ramp by the South Bay House of Correction. The protesters joined thousands across the country who took to the streets in reaction to a Missouri grand jury’s decision […]