Nikki Margaretos

Nikki Margaretos is a senior majoring in economics. Nikki can be reached at [email protected]

Is This Thing On?: On Maroon 5 and youthfulness

When someone mentions Maroon 5, the mind likely conjures images of not the entire band, but of lead singer and guitarist Adam Levine. Contrary to popular belief, Maroon 5 is composed of more than just their frontman, and it actually now has seven members. Unfortunately for the new guys, I guess Maroon 7 didn’t have the same ring. Although […]

Is This Thing On?: Hayley Kiyoko, exceeding expectations

Some may recognize her as the spunky guitarist from the film “Lemonade Mouth” (2011), and others may know her affectionately as Lesbian Jesus, the moniker given to her by fans. Either way, Hayley Kiyoko is worth keeping an eye on. The bleach blonde L.A. native released her first full length album, “Expectations” (2018), last Friday. The […]

Is This Thing On?: The Calvin Harris glo-up

Everybody’s got their something. Especially when it comes to standing out as an electronic music producer. Since every dude with a MacBook Pro has the same software, you’ve really got to find a niche in order differentiate yourself.  Before I delve into the trove of EDM and its 50-odd sub-genres, I just want to say that there […]

Is This Thing On?: EDM-country crossover

Welcome back to another episode of Is This Thing On? Today we have scheduled a seemingly impossible musical combination: EDM and… country? Wait, is this allowed? I never thought I would use those genres in the same sentence, but Zedd is trying to prove me otherwise. As you might have guessed, I’m not exactly the […]

Is This Thing On?: SZA, playing in the boys’ court

A few years ago, the Daily reviewed SZA’s first album debut, “Z” (2014), claiming that if it were “a smidge more inviting, SZA would have something special on her hands.” Now, I don’t know if the St. Louis native has become any softer in her style, but her sophomore album, “Ctrl” (2017), is certainly something special. Sharpening up from the hazy, dreamlike quality of her […]

Is This Thing On?: ‘Pumped Up Kicks’

Good morning to everyone eating breakfast in Carm! Now, I typically comment on pop music and its artists, who are sometimes more Kardashian than they are musician. Because of this, I’d like to dispel any rumors that I exclusively listen to trashy Top 40 hits. Yes, fine, sometimes The Chainsmokers appear on my Spotify activity, but it’s only for “research.” Today’s column […]

Is This Thing On?: What’s in a [stage] name?

Some singers were born with names that were simply made for the stage. I’m talking about the Beyoncés, the Rihannas, the Biebers. But for the rest of Hollywood, choosing the perfect title is as much about personal style as it is about effective branding. Some celebrities go the “memorable” route (try Katy Perry), whereas others […]

Is This Thing On?: The Grammys aftermath

Hello! Is this thing on? Welcome to this column’s final installment: the good, bad and ugly of pop music culture. Starting the year off on an odd note, the 2018 Grammy Awards left many viewers feeling a little lackluster. Here are some of the facts: the most-nominated male and female artists, Jay-Z and SZA, were shut out of […]

Is This Thing On?: What we talk about when we talk about music

Content warning: This column mentions sexual assault. For my last column of the semester, I have to tackle a topic that is being discussed in all areas — on the hill, on the big screen, even in academia. Yes, I’m going to get in a fight with rap music and the harassing culture it perpetuates toward women. […]

Is This Thing On?: The woman behind the curtain

What does it take to make a pop sensation today? It doesn’t hurt to coin an iconic hairstyle, date high profile celebrities, have an Ariana-octave range or score a hit song or two. See, a lot of people can sing — just ask our eight a cappella groups on campus. But the real magic of songwriting doesn’t come […]