Nika Korchok

Nika Korchok is an Arts Editor at the Tufts Daily.

Alabama Shakes creates genre-bending masterpiece on ‘Sound & Color’

Alabama Shakes opens the title track of its second album, “Sound & Color” (April 21, 2015), with a melodic chime sequence. A kick drum slinks its way into the track and then powerhouse lead singer Brittany Howard breathes life into the song with her voice that sounds like a blend of poblano chiles and “Tupelo Honey” (1971). […]

What’s up this weekend

Looking to make your weekend artsy? Check out these events! Tuftonia’s Day 2015: Start celebrating Spring Fling weekend at Tufts Freshman Class Council’s Tuftonia’s Day. There will be free food, carnival rides, artist booths and lots of fun activities. (Friday at 5 p.m. on Fletcher Field. Admission is free. No tickets required.) Spring Fling 2015 Ft. […]

What’s up this weekend

Looking to make your weekend artsy? Check out these events! Major: Undecided’s 10th Anniversary Spectacular!: Major: Undecided is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a spectacular, alumni-filled extravaganza of comedy. The event calls viewers to “Help us celebrate 10 years of comedy as you enjoy our very own alumni groups King Quail and Men of the […]

Young Fathers spark conversation with complex, narrative lyrics

The band Young Fathers challenges the restraints of genre definition. On its latest album, “White Men Are Black Men Too,” released April 6, the Edinburgh-based trio switches from blues to funk to soul to R&B to hip-hop to trip-hop to rap to rock so quickly that the multidimensionality should be dizzying. The combination is, in fact, […]

All Time Low fine-tunes sounds, returns to rescue pop-punk enthusiasts

In the glory days of pop-punk, Hot Topic-clad, angst-ridden teens would bob their heads to Blink-182, layer on too many rings of black eyeliner and complain about their parents. Now, those teens are in college with no music to satiate their desire to stir up their rebellious days and make them feel like they should sneak […]

Top 10 ways to avoid breaking Passover

Even if you’re not a part of the tribe, chances are you have friends who have stopped eating all things delicious (aka any food with grain that has leavened aka BREAD) for that time of the year known as Pesach. We can skip the Hebrew school stories because you can Google why chametz is chazerei (no […]

What’s up this weekend

Looking to make your weekend artsy? Check out these events! Art in April: The annual Art in April exhibition in Dowling Hall celebrates the work of artists at Tufts, SMFA and the combined degree program. This year’s theme is “Work in Progress,” and students reacted to the theme with works in painting, photography, print, sculpture, […]

Mika Sanger explores musical endeavors with film scoring, Wind Ensemble

For sophomore economics major and communications and media studies minor Mika Sanger, every day offers a new artistic opportunity. In an email interview with the Daily, the Los Angeles native discussed her artistic accomplishments so far at Tufts and the goals she wants to achieve before graduation. Sanger recalled, “When I got to Tufts, I found that the […]

Sufjan Stevens embraces imperfection to paint moving family portrait

With an intimacy that is at times both jarring and comforting, Sufjan Stevens once again lets listeners into his private, imperfect world, allowing flaws to shine through to create an album with dimension and honesty. On his seventh studio album, “Carrie & Lowell,” released March 27, Stevens spends 43 minutes addressing themes of his youth […]

Earl Sweatshirt delivers hypnotic brilliance on sophomore LP

Earl Sweatshirt is moving his music into the future at the perfect speed: a lagging creep that forces listeners to slow down and swallow every word. His rhymes are as slow as molasses, but without an ounce of sweetness, stripped of sugar and drenched in acid. The psychedelic feel of his backing instrumentation balances out the […]