Nicole Setow is a Sports Editor at the Tufts Daily. She is a junior studying Biopsychology and minoring in Sociology. She can be reached at [email protected]

Women win big at the 2022 Winter Olympics

It’s been nearly a decade since the International Olympic Committee formally made gender-balanced participation a goal. With the introduction of women’s monobob, women’s big air freestyle skiing as well as the addition of four mixed-gender events, the IOC is finally seeing progress; Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics was the most gender-balanced Winter Olympics in program history. […]

Senior foil Allison Cheng leads with courage and humility

Standing at a modest 5 feet, 3 inches, Allison Cheng doesn’t intimidate at first glance. You’ll often find this friendly child studies and human development major conducting research in the Kaplan Lab or working in the music department. However, once equipped with a fencing foil and jacket, you won’t want to mess with this former […]

Junior goalkeeper Ella Frantzen brings confidence to women’s soccer

As fall sports resumed this season, the question on many athletes’ minds was how the effects of COVID-19 would still be felt. For Tufts women’s soccer, that question is a complicated one. Though spectators are now permitted at games, and athletes are no longer required to wear face masks while playing, the last time the […]

Tufts welcomes two-time Olympian Gaurika Singh into the Class of 2025

Among Tufts University’s talented incoming class, only one first-year has “2x Olympian” in her Instagram bio. That student is Gaurika Singh, an 18-year-old swimmer that proudly represented Nepal in the 2016 Rio Olympics and returned as the nation’s flag bearer this past summer in Tokyo. Since Singh started competing at age 12, one might assume […]

Wonder Women, Tufts edition: Catherine Lawliss

Imagine a long stretch of sand basking under a bright sun, with picturesque lighthouses dotting the distance. Whether she’s reading a book on the beach or wading in the water, Tufts graduating senior lacrosse attacker Catherine Lawliss has her happy place in Nantucket, Mass. Perhaps this is where we’ll find Lawliss this summer after she […]

Wonder Women: Deja Young

How does one cope when the very thing that brings them joy becomes a source of stress? Paralympic track star Deja Young’s story is one incredible example of overcoming adversity, prioritizing mental health and rediscovering joy in competition.  

Wonder Women: Portia Woodman

It’s nearly impossible not to be dazzled by the team’s display of grit and sheer excellence. Plus, with superstar try scorer Portia Woodman, it’s no wonder the Ferns are one of the best teams in the world.

Wonder Women: Eileen Gu

Now, with two gold medals and a bronze from her impressive 2021 X Games debut — becoming the first woman to medal three times as a rookie — all eyes will be on her at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Wonder Women: Naomi Osaka

Even if you barely follow tennis, chances are you may have come across the 23-year-old sensation at some point. Her victory over Serena Williams in the 2018 U.S. Open final thrusted her into the national spotlight, and she’s only been adding to her titles since then.

Wonder Women: Ashima Shiraishi

If you’ve bought a CLIF BAR recently, you may have noticed that the iconic brand has released limited packaging featuring six world-class women athletes. One of those athletes is Ashima Shiraishi, a remarkable 19-year old Japanese American rock-climber who many refer to as the future of the sport.

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