Nicole Brooks

Nicole Brooks is a features editor at the Tufts Daily. She is a senior majoring in History and minoring in Communications and Media Studies and can be reached at [email protected]

Senior Profile: Janna Karatas

A common theme throughout graduating senior Janna Karatas’s four years at Tufts time on the Hill is her strong interest and commitment towards community and culture. As a FOCUS pre-orientation leader, former Tufts Community Union (TCU) senator, resident of the Spanish House and a member of the Indian and classical dance group Pulse, she has been able to […]

Jersey Over Apron: Cause for pause

For many, sports are an escape. This attitude aligns with the ideals of American meritocracy, as the media often spotlights hoop dreams, and how athletes from low-income families are able to work hard and make it big. Sports documentaries highlighting the perseverance of sport in war-torn countries, run down concrete courts in low-income urban areas, or even […]

Jersey Over Apron: Youth Sports

With the popularity and heightened discussion around collegiate and professional athletics today, fans must use a critical eye to be able to give the necessary push back against sport’s interactions with society, specifically regarding sports’ negative connections with violence, corruption and of course, the various social inequalities. Throughout this column, I have largely focused on these broad […]

A flawed meritocracy

The reasons why we like sports can vary on a spectrum, but for the most part, our attraction to sports comes from three things, one of which is its unpredictability. Without this factor, the essence of competition would be completely lost. Not to say that people don’t like for victories to be planned, as anyone can observe […]

Fire safety still an important issue in choosing off-campus housing

Tufts students who decide to live off campus after their first two years of college have a lot on their plates when securing apartments. The list includes dealing with high rent prices, obeying local housing laws and finding apartments that meet proper fire safety regulations. Recently, the Medford and Somerville housing ordinances have banned more […]

Jersey Over Apron: Virtual fan experience

The sporting fan experience today is something that’s incredibly varied. Whether it be enjoying a youth soccer game from a lawn chair, a collegiate football game from crowded bleachers, or catching a glimpse of your favorite with binoculars from coveted nosebleed seats, being at a sporting event has greatly changed from its original traditions. The hyper-reality […]

Jersey Over Apron: Lowering the rim lowers the game

Sports have always been a male-dominated enterprise. From the beginnings of sports, male bodies have always been considered to be the pinnacle of athletic accomplishment. Male athletes then and now are typically valued based on stereotypically masculine attributes like physicality, toughness and having a natural competitive edge. This masculine gaze has provided the framework for […]

Jersey over Apron: Major in basketball

The entire premise of higher education is to allow for the mind to explore and develop, and to provide a place for students to discover their true passions to prepare them for their professional careers. That’s what we’ve all been told right? So why don’t colleges allow for their student-athletes to major in their sport? […]

Jersey Over Apron: Why Tufts?

“Why Tufts?” That essay prompt is what brought me to Medford/Somerville. It’s the prompt that countless current members of the Class of 2016 had to answer through the Common App to seal our deal into Tufts. Even though I’ve been asked that several times I’ve never really had a concise answer. My response usually covered […]

Jersey Over Apron: The white Ford Bronco

I was born on June 16, 1994, in New York City. At the time, the Rangers were playing for the NHL Stanley Cup, the Knicks were in the NBA Finals against the Rockets and even though there wasn’t an MLB World Series that year, I’m sure the Yankees had a good chance of winning it. […]