Nikki Blank is a senior majoring in English. She can be reached at [email protected]

‘Cause Uptown SWUG Gon’ Give It To You

Dear SWUG, Would you rather be a clueless first-year or an overly knowledgeable senior? – Curiosity Killed the Frat   Dear Curiosity Killed the Frat, You’ve asked a v. thought provoking “would you rather.” I am going to disregard both of your options for my own answer: I would rather be a “blissfully-aware-but-not-yet-jaded” sophomore or junior. […]

SWUG blowing up on a Tuesday

SWUG Blowing Up on a Tuesday: This blizzard is the best thing to ever happen to us, because we in love with the hot cocoa, and we get two SWUG days! No class. No internships. No interviews. No “What are you going to do with your life?” We are stuck inside our Target-decorated houses and forced […]

SWUG Employed

Dear SWUG, I went home for Thanksgiving break and my parents and all of my friends’ parents started asking me what I’m doing after graduation. Now I’m freaking out that I haven’t figured out any plans, and I get so awkward when I try to explain that I don’t know yet. What do I say […]

Birthday SWUG

Dear SWUG, What are birthday celebrations like in college, from freshman year to senior year? – Birthday Betch Dear Birthday Betch, Ah, birthdays. The gentle annual reminder that we are getting closer and closer to getting cut off from our parents. Birthdays change drastically throughout the four years of college. Make sure you take advantage […]

Big SWUGs don’t cry

I’m skipping the advice this week cause this SWUG needs to vent. (Sorry?) Break-up season is upon us. It’s the inevitable time in senior year where people must leave behind what they love most. This decision is (usually) never mutual. It’s a heart breaking loss to realize that the things you love can come to […]

CSI: Somerville

Dear SWUG, I had a very spooky Halloween weekend. On top of receiving text messages of various anagrams of my name from a mysterious number, an intruder in a blonde wig with a French accent broke into my house on Saturday night and woke up my housemate asking if I was home. I’m so freaked […]

Halloween Screw

Dear SWUG, How does a SWUG celebrate Halloween? — Senior Washed Up Ghost Dear Senior Washed Up Ghost, To quote “Mean Girls” (2004), a.k.a. the greatest film of all time, “In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a […]

Drunk in SWUG

Dear SWUG, Exams and job interviews aside, is there anything you can’t show up to slightly buzzed? — Sloshed in Somerville Dear Sloshed in Somerville, You could probably get away with being slightly buzzed at both an exam and a job interview, but from experience here are the things you definitely can’t show up to […]

The SWUG who shagged me

Dear SWUG Does a SWUG have to be a girl? Can you be SWUG if you are a guy? — #leftout Hey #leftout, Don’t feel left out! Here are the three determining factors to see if you are a SWUG: 1. You must be a senior. However, you can be on your way to becoming […]

Love and other SWUGs

Dear SWUG, I’m stuck in the sophomore (sexual) slump … drought more like … what do I doooo? — Hopeless In Hodgdon Dear Hopeless In Hodgdon, Don’t let the lack of rain ruin your parade. Here are some straightforward suggestions to open up the flood-gates: 1. Get set up with a crush at Screw and […]