Nikki Blank is a senior majoring in English. She can be reached at [email protected]

Your SWUG is my drug

Dear SWUG, Is Kesha a SWUG? How do SWUGs celebrate Spring Fling? SWUG Fling   Dear SWUG Fling, Kesha is probably the OG SWUG. She’ll disappear for like weeks at a time and have everyone wondering, “Whatever happened to Ke$ha?” and then she’ll just randomly pop onto the radio with a massive hit like “Timber,” […]

SWUGgertime sadness

Dear SWUG, How does a SWUG celebrate spring? I just feel so conflicted. It’s all over so soon, but it’s so nice and happy outside my window! From, Sprung for Spring Dear Sprung for Spring, Yes, unfortunately, we are approaching the countdown that makes this lovely springtime weather a little more bitter than it is […]


Dear SWUG, What do you wish you knew as a first-year, that you know now? Naive Nelly Dear Naive Nelly, When I look back on my naive, fat, freshman year self, I get nostalgic for the less cynical times. While I envy first year students because they have three more years at Tufts, I realize […]

How to get away with pranking a SWUG (A new show by Shonda Rhimes)

Spring Semester Senior Year: the most fun and relaxing semester of college … not. Chances are, SWUGs all over Somerville are doing some serious stressing and sobbing. We’ve got less than 50 days left of school, and about 49 things left on our SWUG-et lists. For those SWUGs with jobs — congrats. For all those […]

SWUG-et list

My dearest Tufts students (and Nana), I am SWUGging out over here!!! Apparently there are only five weeks left of school, meaning that for one-quarter of the Tufts population, there are only five weeks left of college. BRB while I go curl up with my body pillow and cry to the sweet sound of Joni Mitchell […]

The one where the SWUGs go on spring break

Dear SWUG, I’m so pumped to get off of this snowy campus and leave on a jet plane to someplace warm. Can you give me some tips on how to have a v SWUGGY spring break? – Spring Break Foreverrrrr   Dear Spring Break Foreverrrrr, It’s finally here! A break from the madness! If you’re […]

House of SWUGs

Dear SWUG, I had a little too much fun at Call on Me. I drank too much, got a little too down and dirty on the dance floor and got to know some brothers a little too well. How do I show my face on campus again? Bawl on Me Dear Bawl on Me, Oh […]

SWUG, we’re going down swinging

Dear SWUG, You walk into Dewick and everything sucks. Now what? A Very Hangry SWUGerpillar. Dear A Very Hangry SWUGerpillar, SWUGs have a love/hate relationship with Dewick, established circa 2011. Back when we sat on the relevancy throne, Dewick was our kingdom. We’d spend hours occupying a prime circle table in the normal room, getting […]

Where the wild SWUGs are

During a recent trek through the arctic to visit campus, I stopped by The Rez, decked out in an excess of Tufts apparel to fill up on over-priced bulk coffee. During this visit, a bold Rez employee had the audacity to ask me if I was a prospective student*, to which I responded with a […]

SWUGS and kisses

How does a SWUG celebrate Valentine’s Day? Stop! In the name of SWUG. Stop! In the name of SWUG. Ugh, Valentine’s Day. Last year on Feb. 14, my mother sent me an article about the rise of STDs on college campuses. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! For some, Valentine’s Day is a day of gagging and […]