Nico Johnson is a senior majoring in political science. He can be reached at [email protected]

Sipping for success

Dewinking: (verb) The act of consuming alcohol in Dewick. It was Spring Fling, so we figured we’d start our day off with some Dewinking. The first time I heard someone use this word, I couldn’t help but laugh. It sounded like how a child still feeling out the English language might say “drinking.” But the […]

Part of this complete breakfast

Swiping into a dining hall for breakfast costs me $6.82. Eating breakfast at home costs me about 90¢, depending on how good a deal I get on my cereal and whether there’s a banana in it or not. But eating at home is way less fun. If you’ve ever paid attention to a cereal advertisement, you […]

Having a waffle day? I’ll make it batter

For me, watching “Shrek” (2001) is a spiritual experience. Fairy tales and fantasy aside, I can identify with a lot of themes in the movie, like not judging a book by its cover, understanding that people are like onions and so on. But there’s a particular moment that always resonates with me. When Donkey has just […]

Mind your manners

Throughout my years at Tufts, I’ve consumed approximately 1,750 meals in the dining hall. My average dining hall visit lasts about 25 minutes, which means I’ve spent roughly 730 hours, or about 30 full days, eating in Dewick or Carmichael. Spending all that time has allowed me to gain some insight on how things work […]


I’ve thought seriously about to when in time I’d travel back if given the opportunity. A few decades come to mind – maybe the 1470s, so I could chill with Da Vinci while the Renaissance was in full swing, or perhaps 500 AD so I might see exactly how the Nazca Lines were made. I could […]


I watched “Napoleon Dynamite” (2004) not too long ago. At one point, as Napoleon’s grandma is preparing for a day of ATV shenanigans down at the dunes, Napoleon asks her what he can have to eat while she’s gone. Frustrated, she tells him to make “a dang quesadill-a” if he gets hungry. Her words resonated with me. Fast forward three hours later, […]

Holy hamburger, Batman!

Apparently, ramen burgers are a thing now. I won’t be talking about them. Let’s get back to the no-nonsense roots of bun, burger and toppings. Boston Burger Company (colloquially and hereafter referred to as BBC) provides a startling array of burgers. The Davis Square mainstay has so many, in fact, that it gets a bit […]

Love in the time of bananas

Little known fact: You can shine your shoes with the inside of a banana peel. I didn’t believe it at first, either. But one day, my friend approached me with a dusty pair of black leather Oxfords and said, “Dude I want to wear these, but they really need a shine.” I sensed an opportunity. […]

Protect your appetite with a condiment

Condiments act as punctuation marks for food. Like an apostrophe or a semicolon, you might easily leave one out. But condiments, like commas, can radically change the environment they inhabit. This week, I wanted to leave you guys with a few simple things to mix, drizzle and glaze on your regular dishes to make them that […]

Cut, it’s a wrap

I think we can all agree the grilled chicken here isn’t exactly the hallmark of Tufts Dining. Always more dry than moist, eating it by itself is about as fulfilling as a limp handshake. Yet, it’s weaseled its way in as the central ingredient of today’s alternative dining hall recipe. I’m gonna pull an Aladdin […]