Nicholas Pfosi is a senior majoring in Child Development. He can be reached at [email protected]

How Tufts stacks up

The university’s decision to restructure janitorial services, which has been met with sustained objection from many students, staff and faculty members since its announcement in November 2014, was made due to analyses that showed Tufts to be less efficient than comparable institutions in its deployment of custodial staff. “The reorganization was informed by a DTZ analysis that […]

Outsourcing in Higher Education

The company from which Tufts contracts its custodial services, DTZ, formerly UGL Unicco, has had a business relationship with the university since 2011. While custodians, union representatives and students demanded that the university make no cuts to the janitorial staff, members of the administration defended the decision to reallocate custodial labor and said that the terms of the […]

Tufts Janitors: A History

Throughout the last year, Tufts Labor Coalition (TLC) has been organizing in support of DTZ custodial employees who work on Tufts’ campuses. Students, faculty, staff and members of the custodians’ union, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 32BJ, held demonstrations in opposition to a reorganization of the staff, which was originally estimated to result in 35 layoffs […]

You’re both wrong about trigger warnings

Like all political debates, someone is right and someone else is wrong when it comes to trigger warnings on college campuses. Or at least that’s what the tsunami of think pieces chiming in on the debate would have us believe. Doubt me and just Google it to get a sense of the righteous indignation on either side […]