Blind Luck: Date No. 3

Third time’s the charm! This time, there are juicy hookups and sex. Just kidding. This is Tufts, and everyone is nice and diplomatic and boring. But seriously, if you’re into wholesome connections and momos, read on. As always, please send us your friends, enemies, Marriage Pact misses or just anyone you want to set up […]

Blind Luck: Date No.2

Welcome back. It’s been a minute. So excited to have you here. Just as a reminder please send us your friends, your schemes and yourselves to [email protected] for a shot at true love on this desolate desert campus. The Marriage Pact can only carry us so far. This week’s date was full of banter and […]

Blind Luck: Date No. 1

Welcome to Blind Luck,  your new favorite dose of drama and source of vicarious living. Your scheming hosts, Nick and Em, have turned their attention to all the potential loves and connections on the Tufts campus. Every week, we will set up two people on a blind date from sources of our own notes, our […]