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Somerville with Townie Tim: Getting around

Sometimes this column is just a local townie going on a curmudgeonly rant, and that is totally going to be the case this week. Just make sure you remember the following column is my mostly sarcastic way of getting some catharsis from frustrating situations. In this case, it’s not you, it’s not me, it’s the […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of those holidays that is fun at any age. As a kid, you get to walk around demanding candy, and as an adult, you get to buy candy and dress up as your favorite television character. Depending on where you live, it is the last non-family-centric party of the year. After this, […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Riding the T

Sooner or later you will have to ride the T alone. Be it for a job interview in Brookline or a shopping trip to get interview clothes in Downtown Crossing, you’ll have to figure out how to work the tracks without looking like a complete tourist. Now, you might be thinking, “Hey Townie Tim, I […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Having children

We all live in various bubbles of insular thought, and one of mine is about to be broken. Up until now, I have been your humble correspondent, the typical neo-Somerville resident. My wife and I moved here from other parts of the country seeking a cool living situation in a relevant part of the world. […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Knowing about the ‘last game’

Usually this column doles out indispensable advice on living in Somerville, and this week is no different. Seriously, if I were to rank the advice today on a scale from one (funny, but not important) to 10 (funny, but helpful), it would land somewhere in the nines. For new readers to this column, that’s extremely […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: When to go apple picking

It’s that time of the year again. No, I’m not talking about fall — it’s apparently been fall for weeks. I’m talking about that time in the year when all your friends are posting stories about fun adventures in other, warmer parts of the country. You need to counter with the quintessential New England activity […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Buying Groceries

The realization has probably struck by now. With classes ramping up, problem sets, papers and midterms around the corner, it is becoming clear that not having a meal plan is going to be a problem. Who could blame the idealized version of yourself who picked this course of action over the summer? Going to the […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Allston Christmas

Hello students and welcome back to Somerville! For all those returning to the column, it’s good to have you back. This semester promises to be a good one. But before we really get into the jibber-jabber, how was your move-in? If you are new to Tufts, then you probably did the whole song and dance […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Summertime

As the great poets of the band Sublime once said, “Summertime and the livin’s easy.” If you think otherwise, just ask all the people “in the dance”; they will gladly acknowledge that Sublime is “qualified to represent the [Long Beach Community] LBC.” Hopefully, after a semester of reading this column, you will admit that your […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Apartment Hunting

It’s that time of the year again to look around your living room and decide if you want to give it another year with these clowns. I know the schedule for hunting for apartments can undulate depending on where you live, and I have heard of students searching as much as a year in advance. […]