Nate Krinsky is a junior majoring in electrical engineering. Nate is an organizer with the Tufts Progressive Alliance, and can be reached at [email protected]

Op-Ed: From nightmare neighbor to courteous campus: the fight for a fair PILOT

It’s widely accepted that Tufts students live in something of a bubble — between homework, midterms, clubs, sports, internships or jobs, it’s easy to forget that a whole world exists beyond our idyllic life on the hill. But Tufts is, in fact, part of a larger ecosystem, affecting our Medford and Somerville neighbors and the […]

Op-Ed: The Housing Shortage: Can We Fix It?

Tufts announced in April that they have given acceptance offerers to 3,140 applicants. While a large percentage of these students will choose to attend other schools, admissions officers estimate that 1,435 new Jumbos will start their first year this September which would make the class of 2022 the largest incoming class in Tufts’ recent history. This […]

Op-Ed: Enough is enough

On March 14, the one month anniversary of the Parkland shooting, Tufts students and students around the country will walk out of their classes in a showing of solidarity and a call for action. We walk out to protest all forms of gun violence: from police brutality, to mass shootings, to systemic forms of gun […]

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