‘Serial’ provides weekly entertainment and suspense

“Serial” (2014 – present), a spinoff podcast of “This American Life” (1995 – present) hosted by Sarah Koenig and produced by Julie Snyder, breathes life into a neglected medium of storytelling, allowing its audience to fall back in love with the radio in a new way. “Serial” investigates a 1999 murder case, delving into narratives and following […]

Love and the Boston Book Festival

A literary pop-up store of massive proportions, the sixth annual Boston Book Festival took place this past weekend in the middle of Copley Square with a funky flare only Boston can provide. There were those that flocked to the individual publishing booths, spoken word performances and author panels with vigor, while others continued their Saturday […]

Weekender | Used bookstores are Boston’s hidden gems

Many students are familiar with the process of buying books: With each new semester comes the ever-daunting task of trying to find the correct editions without spending all of next year’s paychecks. As stressful as buying books can be, the process can be significantly more enjoyable (and less expensive) if one buys used copies. Far […]