Miranda Willson

Miranda Willson is a managing editor at the Tufts Daily. She is a senior majoring in environmental studies and community-based urban policy and can be reached at [email protected]

Our bodies, for ourselves

“What makes YOU feel sexy?” “What do YOU love most about your body?” I am tired of these questions. Part of me wants to say that nothing makes me feel sexy, and that I don’t really mind. Or that I don’t love my body, and maybe never will, because loving my body seems like it would […]

Boys will be boys, at Yale, UVA, Tufts…

I wrote an article earlier this week about how the Greek community is working to prevent sexual assault through bystander intervention tactics. After writing it, I felt genuinely impressed by the self-awareness and self-criticism displayed by the members of the Inter-Greek Council (IGC) with whom I spoke. But I am concerned by the idea that Greek life […]

Greek community aims to address sexual assault, behavioral problems

The Inter-Greek Council (IGC), the Greek Life Anti-Sexual Assault Initiative Task Force and the broader Greek community are working to prevent sexual assault and behavioral issues in Greek life this semester. The efforts to reform Greek life have included the hiring of sexual misconduct prevention specialist Alexandra Donovan last July, training and initiatives to ensure safer Greek social events and increased communication within […]

Creative writing is for everyone

We tend to think of the math and science fields as being particularly hypermasculine and sexist. A class like creative writing, on the other hand, is seen as something “anyone” can participate in. People love to pretend creative writing allows us to understand “universal” human values that transcend differences of race, gender, sexuality, class, etc. But in reality, creating […]

Feminism’s cool, Hillary’s kinda lame

During the recent Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton made several references to her gender, suggesting that her womanness differentiated her from other candidates. She even made a joke about how it takes her longer to go to the bathroom than the other candidates. I must admit that the idea of having a female president is exciting […]

Administrative working group to address needs of undocumented students on campus

Plans to create a working group to address the specific needs of undocumented students at Tufts began over the summer. This follows the university’s announcement last April that it would accept and provide aid for undocumented students and the subsequent enrollment in the Class of 2019 of the first group of undocumented students. According to […]

Tufts needs a primer in sustainability

The Tufts University Office of the President website declares that Tufts “has long been a pioneer in campus sustainability,” citing its development of the Talloires Declaration in 1990. A common definition of sustainability is a type of development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future, from environmental, social […]

The politics of public spaces

“In great cities, spaces as well as places are designed and built: walking, witnessing, being in public, are as much part of the design and purpose as is being inside to eat, sleep, make shoes or love or music. The word citizen has to do with cities, and the ideal city is organized around citizenship […]

Retired history professor returns to teach course on Marxism

History Professor Daniel Mulholland has returned to Tufts as an adjunct professor this semester to teach a history course on Marxism, following his retirement in spring 2014, in order to fill what he perceives as a missing niche in the Department of History. Mulholland, who began teaching at Tufts in 1968, said that he decided to return to the […]

Gentrification is real, preventable

I remember when I first learned the term gentrification. I was a small child sitting in the backseat of my dad’s car on our way to Central Park, and my dad was trying to convince my teenage sister that the neighborhood where he lived was safe. “It used to be that you couldn’t walk around […]