Mina Ghobrial

Mina Ghobrial is a first-year who has not yet declared a major. Mina can be reached at mina.ghobrial@tufts.edu, and this column can be followed on Instagram @thoughtsfromtufts.

Thoughts from Places: TL;DR

As this column is printed, I will be finishing up the first eighth of my college journey. Now there is a semester’s worth of thoughts from places to comb through and consider: It was in the ASEAN Auditorium where my first college class took place, and where this column was born. I was sitting in […]

Thoughts From Places: Tisch Library

It could be argued that an hour-and-a-half-long wait is not worth it for five minutes of laser tag. But that argument would be both misguided and erroneous. Although the blaring music, the flashing lights and the occasional sniper attacks were riveting aspects of the night, there were more factors to consider. Dec. 1 marked the fortnight […]

Thoughts from Places: Jersey City

Tufts has become a de facto home for more than a thousand fresh faces over the past few months. Despite the occasional, instantaneous zeal to remain a renegade while on campus, every so often it is time to pay a visit to family. This break was the perfect opportunity to take an eight-hour journey (which should […]

Thoughts from Places: Dewick

The dining halls celebrated Thanksgiving a week before the rest of the country — a welcome surprise on a cold and rainy Thursday night. The hustle and bustle of a crowded cafeteria contrasts sharply with the nearly silent gathering back home. My small family celebration never quite evokes the same feelings of warmth and appreciation as the […]

Thoughts from Places: SciTech

Intro to Psych discusses the principle of adjusting one’s understanding of the world, also known as a schema. When presented with new information, one either assimilates evidence that confirms a schema, or modifies his or her understanding in order to accommodate for inconsistencies. Now, one might imagine that room 153 is right in between rooms […]

Thoughts from Places: Pearson Hall

With another midterm season approaching its end (because somehow a semester has multiple middles here at Tufts), I found myself in a familiar place: room 106 of Pearson Hall. Flipping through the pages of a 10-question chemistry exam and realizing that questions nine and 10 are, in that moment, incomprehensible, is quickly becoming a regular occurrence. […]

Thoughts from places: Carmichael Hall

Content warning: This column mentions blood/needles and HIV. The line that usually wraps around Carmichael Dining Center in the early hours of the afternoon was missing. Last Friday, the particular buzz of a hungry crowd of college students, freshly starved by lecture halls and study sessions, was absent. Instead, there was an eerie silence, save […]

Thoughts From Places: Distler Hall

Last Wednesday, for the first time since arriving at Tufts, I made my way over to Distler Hall to see an actual performance and not an orientation program. Despite my overall lack of understanding of the Spanish language, I was talked into going to Argentinean multi-instrumentalist and singer Clara Cantore’s concert. The leaflets highlighted dramatic […]

Thoughts From Places: The North Reservoir in Winchester

Venturing off campus is a natural phenomenon for the new college student, and this week’s column reflects that. New England is known for its mark on U.S. history, its ‘chowdah’ and its brief stint with beautiful fall foliage before devastating winters. With the viewing window for this sight being as brief as it is, I took […]

Thoughts From Places: Outside the Campus Center

Over the past week, vendors have set up shop outside the Mayer Campus Center and sold antiques on at least two occasions. From Royal typewriters of the Kennedy era to torn-but-true leather jackets that could have been right out of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” (1987) music video, there was a definite romanticization of antiquity on display. It […]