Merilla Michael

Merilla Michael is an Arts Editor for the Tufts Daily. Originally from the Shire, she grew up in Portland, Maine. She is a senior (*cue nervous laughter*) on the pre-med track and is double majoring in Biopsychology and Classical Studies.

The evolution of Bond and the end of an era

26 movies, 12 novels, two short story collections, one television series and eight different actors over six decades — this is the history in numbers of the James Bond franchise. The latest installment, “Spectre,” opened last weekend with Daniel Craig starring, for the fourth time, as the dapper British spy with a license to kill. Craig, who has held the part of 007 […]

Top 10 Vincent Adultman responses to difficult questions

Vincent Adultman, a character from “BoJack Horseman” (2014 – present), a Netflix original animated series, always gives the best advice. He is deceptively mature despite the fact that he is just three small children stacked on top of one another under a trench coat. No one except for BoJack seems to notice this, because Vincent Adultman is able […]

‘We Love Disney’ album puts new spin on old favorites

From a purely musical perspective, the numbers composed for Disney movies are both impressive and enjoyable. Regardless of whether or not one enjoys watching the films, practically everyone can agree that the music is pretty incredible. “We Love Disney,” a compilation of Disney covers by famous current artists, released Oct. 30, seeks to update the Disney canon. […]

Top 10 iPhone apps to keep your life from falling apart

It’s officially November. Midterm season feels like it will never end, you’ve lost your binder, or, if you still have it, it’s a complete mess. You probably feel like you will be perpetually behind until finals. Lucky for you, these little things called phone apps are here to help. There are so many organizational tools available for […]

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ is entertaining mess of gore, satire

“The Evil Dead” movies are known for striking a weirdly entertaining balance between gore, horror and comedy. The first two in the franchise, “The Evil Dead” (1981) and “Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn” (1987) were critically acclaimed across the board, but the reboot in 2013, “Evil Dead,” complete with a new cast, didn’t quite […]

Top 10 ways to get in the Halloween spirit

Whether you like it or not, Halloween, which, in college, is more like a weekend affair than a single-day event, is approaching rapidly. There will be countless events happening on campus and in Boston, and there’s no real way to avoid it all unless you lock yourself away in Tisch for the weekend — but even […]

Pentatonix continues to redefine a cappella music

Here are two of the most common reasons music listeners either refuse to listen to a cappella music or are quickly bored by it: 1) It’s almost always covers of popular songs, and 2) It’s difficult to keep arrangements of songs as interesting as music with actual instruments. In its self-titled fourth album, Pentatonix, a five-person […]

Top 10 Disney Channel TV shows of the 2000s

Many millenials agree that Disney Channel hit its prime in the early- to mid-2000s. Nowadays, on the rare occasions when they linger a bit longer on the Disney Channel while channel-surfing, millennial viewers yearn for the long afternoons they would spend singing along to the “Phil of the Future” (2004–2006) theme song after elementary school classes. […]

Live recording of ‘The Sporkful’ provides innovative, diverse entertainment

On Tuesday night, students, Tufts alumni and members of the community packed into Cohen Auditorium to hear a live recording of popular food podcast “The Sporkful” (2010 – present), created by Tufts alumnus Dan Pashman (A’99). He is also the author of the 2014 book “Eat More Better: How to Make Every Bite More Delicious” and hosts the Cooking […]

‘Arrow’ returns with focus on relationships

The vast majority of fans of The CW show “Arrow” (2012 – present) were delighted with last season’s finale. The romantic relationship that fans have rooted for since the beginning — between Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), a crime-fighting vigilante known as “The Arrow,” and a member of his team, hacking genius Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) —  finally came to fruition. The […]