Megan Szostak is a first-year columnist for the Features section of the Daily interested in international relations and music. She can be reached at

Lisztomania: More than Mozart

The world became astronomically bigger in the 18th century. In preceding centuries, the Americas had begun to be colonized by the Europeans, and by the middle of the 18th century, European colonialism had made its way onto nearly every continent. This desire for grandeur in regards to extending one’s borders promoted thinking at a larger […]

Lisztomania: If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it

One of the most interesting things about music is that it is a vein of history that, when followed closely, can tell the story of human progress. Different centuries are characterized by different ideals such as nationalism, sanctity and progressivism, and in the same way these values are represented in politics, technology and societal norms, […]

Lisztomania: For the love of music

Growing up, I hated music. I had been exposed to the popular music of the early 2000s before anything else, and if you can remember any early Miley Cyrus hits or other millennial-teen music that had permeated down through the public school system and into the ears of the impressionable youth, my original sentiments towards […]