Seniors of TUTV reflect on their community, futures in film

Tufts University Television was founded in 1977, making it one of the oldest clubs at Tufts. It is a student-run production studio that “strives to foster a supportive and collaborative community where anyone can learn about filmmaking and develop their own artistic voice.” Their content includes documentaries, scripted content, music videos and more. As graduation […]

Medford’s Carrie Bradshaw: How to get out of your ‘hater era’

I’ll say it — right here, right now — I may be in my “hater era.” I’m talking about the insatiable appetite to observe, judge and critique. The impending dismay that follows an interaction, as simple as an exchange between you and your Postmates courier or perhaps an email that reached your inbox from a […]

Medford’s Carrie Bradshaw: A weekend in NYC

Anyone who has watched “Sex and the City” (1998–2004) or “Gossip Girl” (2007–2012) has more likely than not dreamed of living out their dreams in the Big Apple. Whether it’s Jay–Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” (2009), Frank Sinatras’ “New York, New York” (1977) or Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” (2014), these […]

Medford’s Carrie Bradshaw: The importance of a movie night

In my family, movies are a pivotal part of our connection, bonding time and ‘after work, after school’ let loose time. I grew up watching movies on designated nights, having been told that movies like “Blade Runner” (1982) would “blow my mind” and that “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (1986) would “change the way I look […]

CNN’s Abby Phillip talks Trump indictment, journalism at Murrow Forum

Abby Phillip, CNN’s senior political correspondent and weekend anchor, was the featured guest speaker at the 15th Edward R. Murrow Forum on Issues in Journalism on April 3. Sponsored by Tisch College’s Solomont Speaker Series, the event was the first in-person Murrow Forum in four years. Joining Phillip in conversation was Tufts trustee Neil Shapiro […]

Medford’s Carrie Bradshaw: We all need some spring

In Boston, we often find ourselves trapped in a neverending swirl of flurries and frozen raindrops dusting our eyelids the minute we step out of the door for our first class. It makes the concept of sitting down in a creaky chair to load yourself up with caffeine and scribble down borderline illegible notes all […]

Medford’s Carrie Bradshaw: Visiting friends at college

Are you considering visiting your significant other, sibling or unrelenting friend who keeps asking you to “come and see what their life is like” at their respective university? Do you wonder what another college is like, especially one that is starkly different from yours? If you are, I am here to tell you about my […]

Is it time for the Oscars to end?

Sunday’s 95th Annual Academy Awards brought home huge victories for films such as“Everything Everywhere All at Once” (2022) and for actors such as Brendan Fraser, who won best actor in a leading role for his performance in “The Whale” (2022). I didn’t watch it. Instead, I watched recaps of it and regularly checked Twitter for […]

Medford’s Carrie Bradshaw: What it’s like to be a transfer student (at Tufts)

According to the National Student Clearinghouse, just over one-third of college students transfer schools before earning their degree. Then why does it feel like such a big deal? Have you ever thought about transferring colleges? Maybe you have, but decided against it out of sheer reluctance to start all over again. Listen, I don’t blame […]

Medford’s Carrie Bradshaw: ‘The End of the English Major’

The New Yorker says it is “The End of the English Major.” A new article by Nathan Heller, published on Feb. 27 in The New Yorker, came on my feed the other day. In the article, Heller provides a perspective on a current issue plaguing college campuses nationwide: Fewer college students are choosing to major […]