Weekender: Alt-pop hot rod Dayglow runs the bedroom pop world

For alt-pop sensation Sloan Struble, aka “Dayglow,” everything is ‘fair game’ when it comes to making music. The 22-year-old singing, songwriting and producing triple threat propelled to virality as a teenager with the release of his debut album “Fuzzybrain” (2018) and has amassed nearly 7.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify since then. Infectious melodies and […]

The Vintage and the Vogue: The Zuckerberg bible

Michael: Hey Robert, did you respond to my event invite on Facebook? Robert: Yes, I was going to respond right after we wrote this column. Michael: Wow, nice fourth wall break! Just like how Facebook broke a month ago, today.  Robert: Yeah, that was crazy! Even crazier was that at the same time, Facebook executives […]

The Vintage and the Vogue: ‘I’ll have the restorative broth, please’

Michael: Hey Robert, how was dinner last night at that restaurant in the North End? Robert: Thanks for asking, Michael. I hadn’t been in over two years, so it was truly a delight. I never choose fancy, so it really made me feel like a little French aristocrat. Michael: It’s funny you should mention French. […]

The Vintage and the Vogue: Conceiving cuisines

Robert: Hey Michael, I didn’t see you last night. Where were you? Michael: I had a date with Nick’s House of Pizza, and it went deliciously. Robert: That’s great to hear! You know, what we have is real. I know that because you’re not one of those tomato sauce-loathing fiends. You just can’t trust those […]

The Vintage and the Vogue: Phoebe Bridgers and earning godhood

Michael: Hey Robert, how’d you enjoy the Phoebe Bridgers concert? Robert: Let’s just say that I would march to war for her if she asked. I’m no different from a feudal peasant, am I? Michael: I suppose not. The cult of personality surrounding celebrities is not so different from the elite feelings of aristocracy in […]

The Vintage and the Vogue: Almond milk is Lindy

Michael: Hey Robert, what is “Lindy?” Robert: Well, the Lindy Effect is complex, so 10 column-inches is too little space to discuss its full history. To summarize, it stems from a 1964 essay published in The New Republic. “Lindy’s Law,” it was first called, was later developed into a paradigm of statistical survivability: For example, […]