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Out of Left Field: A day in the life

In February I was hired part-time by MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) as a stats stringer. I’m one month into the job and I wanted to share my experience. We’re responsible for entering data into MLB’s software following the outcome of every pitch. MLBAM then posts that data real-time on MLB Gameday and sells it to their […]

Out of Left Field: Bottom of the ninth

In Ted Williams’ final at-bat, he homered to center field in the eighth inning, capping the end of his 19-year career in Boston the only way he knew how. Williams, as he had done in every home run before this, refused to tip his cap to the fans and simply took his spot in the […]

Out of Left Field: All-MLB weird name team

On April 15, Jackie Robinson Day across MLB, the Oakland A’s started players named Khris Davis, Ryon Healy and Jaff Decker. Weird, right? Inspired by this odd string of names and the Chicago White Sox’s all-Garcia (Willy, Leury and Avisaíl) outfield on April 14, I’ve compiled an All-MLB weird name starting nine. No offense to […]

Out of Left Field: You think that was bad?

On Saturday, Jeremy Guthrie pitched 0.2 innings and allowed 10 runs for a whopping 135.00 ERA to start his season. Not ideal. By the start of the third inning, the Washington Nationals were already on their third pitcher. This start was so bad for the 13-year veteran Guthrie that his career ERA rose from 4.37 […]

Out of Left Field: The day before opening day

This was originally going to be a preseason predictions column. Then I went to pick up my press credentials from Fenway Park and had another idea. (My predictions for those who want to chirp me in October: Red Sox, Indians, Astros; Nationals, Cubs, Dodgers. Indians over Dodgers in the World Series.) I was hired as […]

Out of Left Field: Béisbol en Cuba

Over spring break, I got to visit Havana, Cuba on an educational trip. Part of that education was learning about the Revolution, Fidel and the political history of Cuba. But the other part was learning about the culture of baseball on the island. From walking around Havana to visiting the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes to running […]

Out of Left Field: Tim Tebow’s wild ride

I don’t like Tim Tebow. I don’t like that the Mets signed him to a minor league contract over some player who actually deserves it. Since his days with the Denver Broncos, Tebow has been a media circus and a poor player. As some may recall, Tebow was a bad NFL quarterback. He went on […]

Out of Left Field: Spring has sprung

We’re back, baby! Every year, Spring Training gets me so excited for the upcoming season. Over the course of March, we see the weather turn from frigid to slightly less frigid by April. With April comes pre- (and post-) game sausages, Fenway Franks and grossly overpriced beer. Baseball gets us through the dog days of […]

Out of Left Field: Not given the chance

As Black History Month comes to a close, I thought it would be timely to discuss the best players of the Negro leagues, most of whom were never given the chance to play in the majors. One of my favorite players of all time is Josh Gibson, catcher for the Homestead Grays and the Pittsburgh Crawfords. […]

Out of Left Field: Political All-Star team

Inspired by a post in the Effectively Wild Facebook group and Trevor Bauer’s recent Twitter rant, I’m building the best all-Democrat and all-Republican rosters using wins above replacement (WAR). The criteria: The players must have played in the majors and made political statements in some form (donations, endorsements, tweets — looking at you, Curt Schilling). My initial […]