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Keeping up with the 617: Dissecting the Marcus Mariota rumors

With the Patriots having a pick outside the top 10, it is unlikely they will be able to get a starter from the draft, unless Bill Belichick sells an arm and a leg to a possible suitor. Therefore, the Patriots are left to scrounge the free agent and trade markets for their next signal caller.

Keeping up with the 617: Grading Red Sox offseason

After a disappointing effort in the shortened 2020 MLB season, the Boston Red Sox headed into the offseason with more than enough holes in their roster.

Keeping up with the 617: The confusing Boston Bruins

Although the Bruins finally figured out their offensive demons, the question of if they're able to compete with the perennial title favorites, i.e. the Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals, still remains.

Keeping up with the 617: Celtics’ first week, analyzed

The first half of the 2020–21 schedule was released last week, and the Boston Celtics have an absolute gauntlet for the first three games — no surprise there.

Keeping up with the 617: A Red Sox Christmas List

It's Christmastime in Boston, which means that MLB free agency is in full swing. With a surplus of salary cap due to the Mookie Betts trade, the Red Sox are equipped to make some major moves this offseason, which they probably won't end up doing. Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom believes in developing a contender through minor moves and rookie development.

Keeping up with the 617: The ballad of a lost Patriots season

What stings the most about this season is that the Patriots are essentially stuck between two identities: either tank for a good draft pick, or be a playoff contender. Being completely unbiased, the Patriots will most likely finish between 9–7 or 7–9 and fail to make the playoffs and receive a mediocre draft pick.

Keeping up with the 617: 2020 Celtics Mock Draft

The Boston Celtics hold three first round picks this year, which is not uncommon for general manager Danny Ainge. The Celtics will most likely be aggressive on Wednesday.

Keeping up with the 617: The return of Alex Cora

The re-signing of Alex Cora is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, he led the Red Sox to a franchise record of 108–54 and finished the year with a World Series ring. However, his name was linked to the Houston Astros cheating scandal that rocked the baseball world just under a year ago.

Keeping up with the 617: Jaylen Brown’s powerful influence

In the wake of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Brown drove 15 hours to Atlanta, Ga. in order to lead peaceful protests.

Keeping up with the 617: Grading the Bruins’ major offseason moves

Even with the limited mobility the Bruins held in the free agency market, the Bruins still managed some large moves during the unorthodox free agent season.