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Keeping up with the 617: The ballad of a lost Patriots season

What stings the most about this season is that the Patriots are essentially stuck between two identities: either tank for a good draft pick, or be a playoff contender. Being completely unbiased, the Patriots will most likely finish between 9–7 or 7–9 and fail to make the playoffs and receive a mediocre draft pick.

Keeping up with the 617: 2020 Celtics Mock Draft

The Boston Celtics hold three first round picks this year, which is not uncommon for general manager Danny Ainge. The Celtics will most likely be aggressive on Wednesday.

Keeping up with the 617: The return of Alex Cora

The re-signing of Alex Cora is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, he led the Red Sox to a franchise record of 108–54 and finished the year with a World Series ring. However, his name was linked to the Houston Astros cheating scandal that rocked the baseball world just under a year ago.

Keeping up with the 617: Jaylen Brown’s powerful influence

In the wake of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Brown drove 15 hours to Atlanta, Ga. in order to lead peaceful protests.

Keeping up with the 617: Grading the Bruins’ major offseason moves

Even with the limited mobility the Bruins held in the free agency market, the Bruins still managed some large moves during the unorthodox free agent season.

Keeping up with the 617: Finding Optimism for the Patriots

Most of New England was not expecting this rollercoaster start to the Patriots season, but New Engalnd fans should not be sounding the alarm bells just yet.

Keeping up with the 617: Why the Bruins are destined to fail

For the past decade, the Boston Bruins have fallen short of high expectations and continue to disappoint their loyal Boston fanbase. Even if their core players continue to play at a high offensive rate, a regression for the Boston Bruins seems inevitable next season.

Keeping up with the 617: Knee-jerk reactions to the Celtics’ playoff exit

It's never truly an NBA postseason unless the Boston Celtics fail to live up to expectations. Every year the Celtics roll over teams in the regular season just to disappoint with an unexpected playoff exit.

Keeping up with the 617: Evaluating the future of the Boston Red Sox

The 2020 Red Sox season was nothing short of a disappointment, but the future still looks bright for the Red Sox.

Keeping up with the 617: Quick Reactions to the Patriots

A new era has dawned upon Gillette Stadium. Newcomer Cam Newton has partnered with Tom Brady's past weapons and has completely revamped the offense. After two weeks, this team might be better than expected.