Matt Rice is a junior studying political science. Matt can be reached at [email protected]

Primary Colors: Where’s Biden?

As the United States enters a new phase of this global pandemic, the Democratic Party needs a leader. Even though Joe Biden became the presumptive nominee for president last week, he seems to be missing from the conversation. Instead of looking to Biden’s recreation room satellite calls as the party’s foil to Trump’s daily briefings, some […]

Primary Colors: 4 women Biden should consider for vice president

Since America’s founding, a woman has been on a national ticket only three times: Geraldine Ferraro, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. But at a debate hosted by CNN on March 15, Joe Biden committed to naming a woman as his vice-presidential running mate. Here is a list of who he should consider for the spot.  […]

Primary Colors: The staying power of Bernie Sanders

Once again, Bernie Sanders will not be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States. As of today, Sanders has won 914 pledged delegates, while former Vice President Joe Biden has won 1,217 of the 1,991 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. The last major primary Sanders won was California on March 3. […]

Primary Colors: What is Joe Kennedy doing?

At a debate hosted by WGBH on Feb. 11, moderator Margery Eagan asked Representative Joe Kennedy III, “why are you running to defeat a man who’s championed so many of the same policies that you support?” What followed Eagan’s question was a tornado of buzzwords, progressive phrases and calls to action. But what was missing […]

Primary Colors: Tuesday may break Bernie Sanders

Tomorrow, voters will go to the polls in six states: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington. In total, 352 pledged delegates will be allocated, which pales in comparison to the nearly 1,344 delegates up for grabs on Super Tuesday last week. Last Tuesday, Bernie Sanders underperformed; there is no denying that. Moderate politicians […]

Primary Colors: The best 4 days of Joe Biden’s political life

Joe Biden first announced he would run for president in June 1987, only to bow out three months later amid a series of embarrassing scandals and gaffes. About 20 years later, he announced he would run for the 2008 nomination. On the night of the Iowa caucuses, Biden received no more than 1% of the […]

Primary Colors: Dear establishment, you might be too late

To say that the Democratic “establishment” is nervous about a Sanders nomination is a wild understatement. For the first time in American history, one presidential candidate has won the popular vote in the first three nominating contests. That candidate is the septuagenarian, Jewish Brooklynite-turned-Green Mountain democratic socialist Bernie Sanders. No candidate of either party or […]

Primary Colors: Pete’s test

In the final months of 2019, media narratives describing the presidential primaries were consistent and simple: Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were battling to be the progressive standard bearer taking on the Goliath moderate former Vice President Joe Biden, who was being distantly trailed in his own “lane” by former South Bend, Ind., Mayor […]

Primary Colors: New Hampshire Primary

Most early states in the presidential nominating contest have their own special institutions: the Iowa state fair, Jim Clyburn’s South Carolina fish fry and the Dixville Notch midnight vote in northern New Hampshire. But on Saturday night, Democratic presidential candidates, their supporters and prominent Democrats from around the country packed into an arena in Manchester […]

Primary Colors: Gary Hart’s heir apparent

As the sun was setting and the skies remained gray in Bow, N.H., I turned on to a long road, riddled with cars covered in bumper stickers such as “Protect Our Care” and “Bennet for America.” As I turned the corner into the living room, I saw at least 50 voters captivated by Senator Michael […]