Mark Choi

Mark Choi is a first-year who has not yet declared a major. Mark can be reached at

Students, administrators respond to Trump administration’s proposed definition of gender

The Trump administration is reportedly looking to introduce a narrow definition of gender “as a biological, immutable condition” determined at birth, according to an Oct. 21 New York Times article. The Times explained that the new definition can eradicate federal recognition of an estimated 1.4 million transgender and non-binary Americans which could lead to implications […]

Bridging Differences initiative extends university’s mission of diversity, inclusion

Bridging Differences, a university-wide initiative, was launched in fall 2017 under the leadership of David Harris, former provost and senior vice president of Tufts, with a goal “to improve understanding and engagement across divergent perspectives at Tufts,” according to its website. With the departure of Harris for the presidency of Union College in Schenectady, N.Y., […]

Faculty, students discuss pass/fail deadline extension, other academic policy changes

Beginning this fall, the deadline for selecting the pass/fail option on classes has been extended from five to 10 weeks into the semester for sophomores, juniors and seniors, matching the 10-week period allotted to first-years. This extension was proposed by Class of 2021 Senator Sharif Hamidi, whose resolution was passed unanimously by the Tufts Community […]