Marco Sheng is a senior studying psychology. Marco can be reached at [email protected]

Transferable Skills: Audience of one

They call it Commencement instead of graduation. I guess it’s based on this idea that the transition from college bubble to adult stratosphere is full of amazing possibilities. I guess it is. I wanted to write a doozy of a column, extolling some lesson about transition and reminiscing about the journey we are about to […]

Transferable Skills: Cherish the moment or it will pass

I know that the life I was born into and the support I get from my parents (given what I’ve put them through mental health-wise) is actually pretty rare and that I am, in many ways, incredibly fortunate. I’ve also done a better job of not constantly comparing myself to others as a way of putting myself down. A great thing that my therapist told me is not to compare yourself to others, but to compare yourself to your past self. That way, you can still strive to be better, hold yourself accountable and acknowledge your progress without suffering from a comparison spiral.

Transferable Skills: Happy people aren’t grateful — it’s the other way around

Whether you are a future CEO or a stereotypical slacker, whether you have a trust fund or live paycheck to paycheck, whether you are a brilliant performer or a shy mathematician, it all starts with your relationship with yourself. Because the way you judge yourself will also be the way you judge others. The way you are resilient with your own emotions will be the way you are resilient in uncertain environments. The way you love yourself will open you up to being loved, and loving someone else.