Manal Cheema is a sophomore who has net yet declared a major. She can be reached at

Colgate protests for campus diversity: why it matters

While sitting in Tisch in the early recesses of the day (read 10 a.m.), I received an intriguing message from my friend from high school who currently attends Colgate University. She is part of a group called the Association of Critical Collegians (ACC) that, like many organizations on our campus, is dedicated to bringing up issues […]

Pakistan’s Arab Spring

Since I was a young girl, I would visit my parents’ homeland of Pakistan, traveling to the cities Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Islamabad as well as my village that was three hours away from Lahore in the Punjab province. I absorbed the land with wide eyes and amazement, listening to my relatives gab away in a […]

Welcome to Tufts

When I came to campus, I was excited, nervous and ambitious. I tried out many new things, experienced my own set of successes and failures and came to know a few individuals who later became my close friends. There are so many tips and guides for freshmen to remember and think about as they embark […]