Maeve’s Music Mondays: In defense of the viola

As someone who spent a rather large amount of their Starbucks barista savings on a nicer viola, I find myself rather defensive whenever my instrument is subject to the popular jokes and scorn cast on violas and violists. Ever since the 18th century, violas have been the butt of endless jokes and mockery. As it was often unaccomplished violinists who were made to take up the viola for the sake of the orchestra, the viola became an instrument associated with inferior musicians. 

Maeve’s Music Mondays: Nigerian Afrobeats hits different

But what is the Afrobeats genre, specifically to Nigeria? As an extension of the earlier Afrobeat style (yes, the presence of the “s” is a distinction), it features lots of the same influences of jazz, funk, highlife and traditional Nigerian Fuji music. However, it has also drawn from more current pop music and techno, reaching a larger dance club audience and rising in popularity. 

Ariana Neumann searches through her family history to tell stories untold

Neumann (LA '92) spoke at the first History Alumni Author Series panel about her 2020 New York Times Bestseller "When Time Stopped: A Memoir of My Father's War and What Remains."

Maeve’s Music Mondays: British rock is the best

British rock is, to me, the best. It spans dozens of subgenres within rock & roll and each is heavy with intricacies. And more than that, it’s really, really catchy.

Maeve’s Music Mondays: Unboxing

So, here we are: at the beginning of what I believe will be a hopefully interesting, possibly odd, column. I can’t profess to know more than basic music theory, but I can promise my column will be ripe with the ramblings of a lifelong music-lover and shower-singer whose habitual humming, singing and lack-luster rapping skills somehow make her qualified to write for The Tufts Daily.