Maeve’s Music Mondays: Irish music, from traditional to punk

If you couldn’t tell from my name, I have Irish ancestors. Lots of them. I’ve grown up around Irish music and constantly find myself returning to it for comfort and reassurance. From punk rock to traditional, the scope of Irish music is impressive and unique.

Maeve’s Music Mondays: I miss live music

As the pandemic has progressed, I constantly find myself listening to live versions of my favorite songs on YouTube and Spotify. The ultimate test of a musical artist, for me, is how they sound without the autotune and the sophisticated editing. 

HBO’s ‘The Undoing’ has already been done

HBO’s newest crime drama follows many of the network’s usual tropes. As an HBO aficionado, I have always enjoyed HBO's often female-centered dramas focusing on how murder and intrigue affect the lives of wealthy families. However, how many of these shows can HBO actually make?

Maeve’s Music Mondays: Celebrating Black voices

Because of structural racism within the music industry, it can be difficult to find Black voices in mainstream music.

‘Lovecraft Country’ explores reality through horror, fantasy

The ten-episode series debuted August 16 and has since been produced in weekly installments until October 18. As the brainchild of such notable executive producers Misha Green of "Underground" (2016-2017), Jordan Peele of "Get Out" (2017) and "Us" (2019) and J.J. Abrams of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" (2019), among others, the show is a true fusion of genres.

Maeve’s Music Mondays: Presidential campaign soundtrack highlights

Presidential campaigns work carefully to craft an image that represents their candidate, and what better way than to have a cultivated playlist with a few core songs to play during rallies and TV advertisements?

Maeve’s Music Mondays: Behind the stigmas and supergroups of K-pop

My brief stint as a K-Pop fan was often characterized by an overwhelming sense of awkwardness. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve overcome those early insecurities and embraced the versatile, often stunning, style of K-Pop.

Maeve’s Music Mondays: In defense of the viola

As someone who spent a rather large amount of their Starbucks barista savings on a nicer viola, I find myself rather defensive whenever my instrument is subject to the popular jokes and scorn cast on violas and violists. Ever since the 18th century, violas have been the butt of endless jokes and mockery. As it was often unaccomplished violinists who were made to take up the viola for the sake of the orchestra, the viola became an instrument associated with inferior musicians. 

Maeve’s Music Mondays: Nigerian Afrobeats hits different

But what is the Afrobeats genre, specifically to Nigeria? As an extension of the earlier Afrobeat style (yes, the presence of the “s” is a distinction), it features lots of the same influences of jazz, funk, highlife and traditional Nigerian Fuji music. However, it has also drawn from more current pop music and techno, reaching a larger dance club audience and rising in popularity. 

Ariana Neumann searches through her family history to tell stories untold

Neumann (LA '92) spoke at the first History Alumni Author Series panel about her 2020 New York Times Bestseller "When Time Stopped: A Memoir of My Father's War and What Remains."