Madison Lehan is a columnist at the Tufts Daily. She is a sophomore who has not yet declared a major. Madison can be reached at [email protected]

Love It Or Haute It: Hair accessories

Introduction: During these challenging and uncertain times, it can feel like most things are coming to a grinding halt. We are here to remind you that there is something that waits behind for no one: fashion. So, while we would love to be lounging around, scrolling through TikToks, we have a job to do. It […]

Love It or Haute It: Fringe

While fringe has never gone away completely, it was heavily featured in the Spring 2020 fashion shows and will likely become much more common than it ever was before. We do not like to discriminate here, so instead of focusing on specific fringed garments (think fringe jackets, fringe dresses, fringe purses, etc.), we chose to […]

Love It or Haute It: Bermuda shorts

Recently, Bermuda shorts have been attempting a comeback. American Eagle brought them back in stock last year and they have even graced the thighs of the Kardashians. Though there is plenty of evidence of a resurgence, many are still undecided over whether they should try the shorts. So, as temperatures begin to rise around campus, […]

Love It Or Haute It: White sneakers

Introduction: In case you live under a rock, white sneakers are everywhere. We usually try to stay ahead of the trends so we can give our advice to our loyal readers on whether they should try out a look. But the prevalence of white sneakers on this campus has necessitated a response from us. So, […]

Love It Or Haute It: Bootcut jeans

The bootcut jean look has made a strong comeback. Many have jumped on board enthusiastically and the look can be seen everywhere, including our very own campus. The bootcut offers a fresh new denim option and many retailers have started specific bootcut lines. Today, we will discuss whether we think the bootcut resurgence is a […]

Love It or Haute It: Loafers

With the temperatures rising and Punxsutawney Phil not seeing his shadow this year, we decided to review a warmer weather footwear trend that we expect to see more frequently this coming spring: loafers. Loafers are obviously a classic — one might even say the most classic — shoe. However, the way in which they are […]

Love It or Haute It: Carhartt beanies

After a few weeks back on campus, we have noticed a sudden rise in the number of students wearing beanies. Gone are the days of ear warmers and rabbit-skin caps. While a slight increase in the number of warm hats is to be expected in a New England winter, we feel that the sudden surge […]

Love It or Haute It: Holiday matching pajamas

As we check Thanksgiving off our calendar, we are faced with a new challenge: the holiday season. Whether it’s the decorations on neighborhood lawns, commercials on TV, wish lists in magazines or parties your friends throw in honor of the season, the holidays make sure that you know that they are here. Today, we will […]

Love It or Haute It: Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens boots are some of the most iconic and recognizable types of footwear out there, but they even had an interesting history before they were being worn by everyone from rockstars to hipsters. Dr. Martens were originally advertised as “Airwair” because they featured air-cushioned soles, and they were primarily two-euro work shoes that were […]