Bite-sized stories: Leona’s quick ‘n easy beans

We have featured ambitious bakers and seasoned chefs, but even these people, like most of us, sometimes need a quick and nutritious no-fuss meal. We can’t all be pro-chefs for three meals a day, seven days a week, four weeks a month, all the months in a semester. Luckily, Leona Tu is a pro when […]

Bite Sized Stories: Bountiful bagels

Jaclyn and Maddie woke up early in the morning to start preparing the bagels for a potluck brunch. There were few expectations for their first attempt at these hole-y breads, but with plenty of everything bagel seasoning — caraway, sesame and poppy seeds along with dried garlic and dried onion — they were bound to […]

Bite Sized Stories: Dumpling night

Entering our last semester here at Tufts, it was only fitting that we celebrated both our friends and good food, kicking off our senior spring with a potluck dumpling night. Dumplings are never made in small batches, so it only made sense to get as many hands folding wrappers and as many stomachs to fill […]

Bite-Sized Stories: Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and for many, so is Friendsgiving! Even though many of us are busy with upcoming finals, cooking always brings our friends together. For this year, instead of a classic dinner, we decided that brunch was a better, time-friendlier option.  The prep began the night before with sourdough cinnamon rolls. […]

Bite-Sized Stories: Mahima’s plastic recipe

The night started off with Mahima Agrawal pouring an entire gallon of whole milk into a huge pot. This is how the process of making paneer begins. As we were eyeing the huge pot, waiting for it to come to a boil, she poked at the film that formed on the top of the warming […]

Bite-Sized Stories: Andrew’s matcha cheesecake

Andrew Wang hasn’t made a traditionally “easy” pastry in the last five years, except for one classic Costco-boxed brownie mix. He is usually up for a challenge when it comes to baking, making everything from nutty Mont Blancs to a variety of decadent mousse. His classic, go-to recipes, which would be an adventure for most, […]

Bite-Sized Stories: Celine’s Little Meat

As Celine Chan was going into her junior year of high school, she knew that she was going to have to cook for herself soon in college. She also knew the first dish she would ask her mom to teach her: braised pork belly. Or, as her dad called it when she was younger, little […]

Bite Size Stories: Nimish’s Tigris Paneer

Cooking and eating food can often evoke memories. For senior Nimish Adhikari, lightly frying paneer and sautéing onions, bell peppers and tomatoes remind him of his younger brother. Each dish prepared for us was one of his family member’s favorites, he and his mom sharing their love for daikon and his dad preferring the channa […]

Inaugural ‘Two States Week’ continues campus discussion on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Tufts Students for Two States (TS4TS) hosted the inaugural Two States Week: A Series to Promote Peace last week, which provided an open space to learn and discuss the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to the Tufts Hillel website. TS4TS is a coalition between Friends of Israel (FOI), J Street U and Tufts Hillel, […]

Junior Anne Hall selected as Truman Scholar

The Truman Foundation announced on April 12 that junior Anne Hall had been selected as one of the 59 Truman Scholars for 2018, according to the Truman Foundation’s website. Juniors Eva Kahan and Wylie Chang were finalists. According to the Truman Foundation website, Hall’s application was chosen out of 756 applications from 312 institutions. Founded in 1975 by Congress, the Truman Foundation and […]