Luke, LA '16, majors in Environmental Studies. He can be reached at [email protected]

Earth On Fire: Challenging active citizenship

Students have long played a key role in the advancement of social and environmental change in our country. Propelled by a desire to transform the world for the better, they have exerted their influence on issues ranging from the proliferation of nuclear weapons to institutionalized segregation. As I prepare to graduate this month, I’ve begun […]

Earth On Fire: An energy crossroads

Regional environmentalists scored a huge victory last week. After years of protesting energy giant Kinder Morgan Inc.’s proposed natural gas pipeline that would have crossed though eastern New York, northwestern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, community activists successfully exerted enough pressure on state and federal lawmakers to publicly oppose the 188-mile pipeline, which ultimately led […]

Earth On Fire: Free trade, continued

No issue has roiled this year’s Democratic presidential contest more than free trade. At a debate last week, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) charged that during her tenure as a senator former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “voted for virtually every disastrous trade agreement, which cost us millions of decent-paying jobs.” In a previous column, I […]

Climate change: A unique opportunity

 In the words of President Barack Obama, it was a “shellacking.” November 2, 2010, the day the Republican Party netted a historic 63 seats in the House of Representatives, proved to be a catastrophe for domestic initiatives that would mitigate climate change. The number of seats captured by the GOP, which pledged to oppose all […]

Earth On Fire: Follow the money

Tensions flared between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a Greenpeace activist at a campaign rally last week. The paid organizer, Eva Resnick-Day, pressed Secretary Clinton to “act on your words and reject fossil fuel money in the future in your campaign.” Suffice it to say, the secretary did not react kindly to this […]

Earth on Fire: Free trade and the climate crisis

We are at war with the earth. The atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide stands above 400 parts per million, likely the highest level in the past 20 million years. Oceans are acidifying so intensely and so rapidly that scientists warn that coral reefs will probably disappear within the next 25 years. In 2014, researchers discovered […]

Earth On Fire: A Supreme vacancy

Amid the intense media attention paid to the shocking death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a legal development of great importance failed to generate much public discussion. On Feb. 9, just four days before Justice Scalia died, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision to temporarily block the implementation of President Barack Obama’s […]

Earth on Fire: It’s not you, it’s them

For those who pride themselves on diligently recycling and taking shorter showers, this idea may seem jarring: Individual action will do little — if anything, really — to mitigate the climate crisis. If you’re confused, it’s not at all surprising. The vast majority of environmental campaigns in this country focus on small behavioral changes we […]

Earth on Fire: Choosing a climate champion

Political pundits say it every four years, but this time they’re right the stakes of this November’s presidential election could not be higher. The next president will oversee our country’s strategy in the fight against ISIS, confront stubbornly high economic inequality and leave an indelible mark on the federal judicial system. In a previous column, […]

Earth on Fire: Honor thy word

Most of us here at Tufts University would agree that climate change represents a massive threat to humanity. Its impacts constitute enormous perils: crop failures, stronger storms, a precipitous decline in biodiversity, etc. Understanding this, Tufts professes to care about mitigating global warming, committing itself to both a reduction of its emissions of heat-trapping gases […]