Luke Murphy is a senior majoring in economics and Italian studies. He can be reached at

Op-Ed: Greek life: A year in review

The 2017–2018 academic year saw Greek life at Tufts make strong progress through ups and downs as it continued to push forward on its mission of being a more productive part of our community. Greek organizations worked hard throughout the year, undergoing hours of training, reforms to new member processes and social events, and, in the […]

Murphy’s Law: Can Trump take credit for stock market success?

Among other ideas of the alternate universe in which our president’s Twitter feed resides is the concept that by his merely being in office, the stock market is roaring and jobs are appearing out of thin air. In truth, he has had almost nothing to do with the record highs we are seeing across equity […]

Murphy’s Law: Expensive tuition? Thank your bloated administration

The meteoric rise in tuition recently is an important issue across the nation. Tufts’ roughly $70,000 bill increases by around 4 percent annually, more than double the national rate of inflation. The university explains these increases as being driven by innovation and expansion, but they are really caused by poor management: administrative bloat. While traditional businesses […]

Murphy’s Law: Tufts Secrets: The Ring of Gyges

Tufts has always been a campus of strong views and outspoken opinions, yet during my time here, those thoughts have traditionally been expressed publicly, with the speaker held accountable for their discourse. However, the recently popular Facebook page “Tufts Secrets” is beginning to show signs of the toxicity of which we are capable when we […]

Murphy’s Law: Death and taxes

Three things in life are certain: death, taxes and the fact that Paul Ryan doesn’t get taxes. Republicans and Democrats alike will lie about the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, and our media will confuse and poorly explain it. Decoding the proposal is quite simple: it is a spiteful bill, designed to take from Democrats and […]

Murphy’s Law: The activist that cried wolf

In recent years, political debate in our country has devolved further and further into extremism. As views slide more left and right, the language used for our political discourse has done the same. When extreme diction is used as often as it is today, it diminishes the worth of those words, rendering them weak when […]

Murphy’s Law: Understanding income inequality

On Oct. 23, Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, posted an article to LinkedIn titled “Our Biggest Economic, Social and Political Issue The Two Economies: The Top 40% and the Bottom 60%.” In it, he breaks down the differing economic conditions of those across different wealth levels in the United […]

Murphy’s Law: Make trade, not tweets: Easing North Korean tensions with commerce

If you haven’t noticed, North Korea has been a bit of an issue lately, as Kim Jong Un and the knuckle dragger that is our president exchange words. North Korea’s continued militaristic growth stems in part from fledgling proto-capitalism and entrepreneurship, encouraged by American influences. The West encouraged North Koreans to grow businesses, and the […]

Murphy’s Law: Save the polar bears? Trade the Prius for a V8

In a well intentioned effort to mitigate climate change, people buy hybrids and electric cars to limit their carbon footprint and stop melting the homes of our fluffy friends up north. The trouble is, these cars do not do this. The car that cemented itself as the darling of eco-conscious celebrities and Jill Stein voters […]

Murphy’s Law: We need less empathy

In our current political climate, many issues caused by identity politics stem from empathy. On this topic, Yale Psychology Professor Paul Bloom explains the dangers of empathetic decision-making in “Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion” (2016). Firstly, empathy is identifying with the emotional state of another person; being in someone else’s shoes. It is not […]