Viewhead | Active citizenship on campus and beyond

A few weeks ago I learned that Radix – the journal of liberal and radical thought – bit the dust. A sad event indeed, especially since I helped found that organization during my stint at Tufts. Radix was one among many organizations that I was involved with, but it also played a special role. Radix […]

Ten cents, none the richer

As you have probably already heard, Tufts is planning on charging us ten cents for each page that we print at the Eaton computer lab and at the Tisch and Ginn Libraries. They claim that they are doing it for environmental reasons, but nothing could be further from the truth. Charging for printing is a […]

Take me off the list

I went to public school in an inner city until seventh grade. I was not all that conscious of race, being the 11-year old that I was. My best friends were Yasser, a tall, lanky, Brazilian, with a knack for soccer; Cecil, a short, four-eyed, African American who liked to draw comics; Mauricio, a Puerto […]

Yellow journalism

It is a sad time for journalism. In China, the state’s Communist Party is getting ready for its 16th congress in November, and the state-owned media will be kept on a tight leash. The propaganda department of the Communist Party released detailed “guidelines” for what reporters in China may cover and what they may not. […]