Lex Erath is a junior majoring in economics and biopsychology. She can be reached at alexandra.erath@tufts.edu.


Having recently completed Psych 1 (yes, I started my major requirements a bit late; what of it?), I now feel compelled to psychoanalyze everything in my life. You know the feeling; you’re studying so intensely for one class that it consumes your entire life, and everything you do reminds you of it. For example, last […]


Except for that one week when I accidentally submitted my most recent diary entry as my column (now that was embarrassing!), I usually refrain from boring my fellow Jumbos with details of my terribly dull day-to-day life. But today I’m making an exception in order to regale you all with the tale of how exactly […]


I know this may shock some of you, but right now I am in a spectacularly good mood. (Yes, it does happen, and no, I haven’t even had coffee yet.) Why, you may ask? Well, the simple fact that Thursday is Thanksgiving, of course — there is absolutely nothing not to love about a holiday […]


If you’ve ever read “S&S” before, you’ll know that I am of course an eternal optimist, and that this column has always been a ray of unadulterated positivity brightening up your otherwise dreary Monday morning. Maybe you’ve even marveled at my endearing tendency to think the best of people, or perhaps you’ve chuckled at my […]


I mentioned last week that I usually restrict myself to topics about which I know everything, and then put my money where my mouth is by discussing coffee in the greatest detail. Today I’ll talk about something almost as far up my alley, but I’ll be doing it quickly, as this column is due in […]

Espressing yourself

If there’s one thing I can’t stand (ha! That there would be only one!), it’s people who pretend to be experts on things they know nothing about. Luckily, in this column I’m pretty good about limiting myself to topics on which I am the absolute authority (although, of course, that doesn’t restrict me much). But today’s topic […]


I’d like to begin this column on a self-congratulatory note: The fact that I remembered Halloween was fast approaching when I sat down to write this, and also that I remembered that it was before next Monday, just goes to show you how on top of everything I am. For example, if this had been last […]


I’m very tempted to open this column by telling you that Mother Nature and I have a love-hate relationship, but that would just be false. The truth is there’s no “love” in our relationship at all; I just really dislike nature. Side note: was that really so hard? No, no it wasn’t. For some reason […]


So, I might be a couple of weeks late with this column, but if you’re keeping up with current events by reading S&S, you probably need to reevaluate your life anyway. At this point, everyone and their mothers have heard of the Tufts plague, and by now, chances are you’ve experienced it. What is the […]


A week or two ago I injured my left wrist, resulting in a mild sprain that I thought would vanish as quickly as my enthusiasm for dining hall food. It proved remarkably persistent, however, and even worsened after I wisely performed such wrist-heavy activities as boxing and econometrics homework. So I bit the bullet, swallowed […]