Lex Erath is a junior majoring in economics and biopsychology. She can be reached at [email protected]


There are some people who take pride in their appearance — those people that always look perfectly put-together, never have a bad hair day, and are constantly taking irritatingly attractive pictures. Prominent examples include celebrities, politicians, and celebrity politicians. I of course am not one of these people; you will most often spot me in […]


Last February, I temporarily took leave of my senses and signed up to run a half-marathon. What’s more, this flash of madness was accompanied by a stroke of vindictiveness, because I somehow persuaded two of my good friends to register to undergo this torture alongside me. The next two months were a blur of perpetually sore […]


This past weekend, I casually flew out to Indiana to witness one of the greatest basketball games ever played, or the Final Four of what most people know as March Madness. “Most people,” by the way, does not include the vast majority of my friends, who stared at me blankly when I tried to brag […]


I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy á la Mean Girls (2004). I wish I could bake any sort of cake, really, to help me get through this week. Actually, I wish I could bake, period, since my lack of talent in the […]


Sometimes the universe likes to play cruel tricks on you, and I was its most recent victim. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a column called “Odyssey,” comparing venturing across campus in a Boston winter to Homer’s epic poem about a 20-year return home. Little did I know I would soon be experiencing a […]


Last week, I took my first economics exam, and in the true model of an exemplary student, I dropped all else to cram for it for the preceding 48 hours. (This is, of course, the best way to succeed in life — nothing like a time crunch to get those brain juices flowing!) While this […]

Sweet spot

As you may remember from last semester, one week I was feeling uncharacteristically magnanimous and used this column to explain one of my trademark secrets about how to decode someone’s personality from their coffee order (patent pending). While this is probably one of the most important life skills you can possess (along with playing pool, […]


Since we’ve all taken high school English, I’m going to go ahead and assume we’ve all read (or at least skimmed the Sparknotes for) Homer’s epic “The Odyssey,” which tells the story of one extremely unfortunate traveler’s 20-year journey home from the Trojan War. Homeboy Odysseus deals with all sorts of bad luck in his […]

Snow Dazed

Happy Thursday, Jumbos, and welcome to the shortest week ever (seriously, blink and you’ll miss it). I think Elsa might have been a little pissed I called her last week, because since then she’s been throwing the tantrum to end all tantrums. And the result? Boston is buried under mountains of snow, no one’s been […]

Hit List

Good morning, Jumbos, and welcome to the fourth straight semester of everyone’s favorite column. If you’ve had your coffee this morning, you may have already discovered that although you’re reading S&S, it is in fact Thursday, and not Monday. This is because S&S has been such a smashing hit that we have been moved to […]