NQR reconsidered

In 2002, I had my first encounter with the Naked Quad Run (NQR). That year, two students nearly died the night of the run due to alcohol poisoning. In addition, we had many reports of broken bones and sprained ankles and wrists; we also heard accounts of students being tripped and groped by spectators. At […]

Islam and The Primary Source

This past week, a number of students contacted me to express outrage over an article entitled, “Islam – Arabic Translation: Submission,” published in the most recent issue of The Primary Source. The article consists of a number of quotations from the Quran together with a few citations to other sources implying that Islam is a […]

Lasting Impressions

As President of Tufts, I get to do lots of fun things – preside over matriculation and commencement, welcome people as varied as Billy Joel and Bill Clinton to campus, help crown the homecoming queen, run with students – I could go on. But one of the most fun things I get to do is […]

Just what do you do as president, anyway?

Last Friday night my wife Adele and I had dinner with a number of students. One of them, an incoming freshmen, asked me, “Just what do you do as president anyway?” It was a good question. In fact, given that I am new to this job, the answer comes into sharper focus daily. Let me […]