Fish Tank’ paints a dark, honest picture of teen angst

“Fish Tank” is not a film for the faint of heart. This dark portrait of a teenage girl growing up in working-class England is harrowing in its brutal honesty. Writer-director Andrea Arnold offers a teen drama that Hollywood doesn’t usually present. Instead of trendy lingo, a hipster soundtrack and a love interest to bring salvation, […]

Defiance’ gives a different perspective on the Holocaust

    Most viewers go into a Holocaust-themed film expecting to see a group of Jews sent complacently into ghettos or death camps, where they survive trials of the body and soul only to triumph in spirit over their oppressors. Now, as the many Holocaust-themed films of the past year have shown, viewers can also appreciate […]

Despite the cuteness factor, ‘Bolt’ can’t match past animated giants

Film animation has experienced a rebirth in recent years as studios have all but completely traded in their drawing pencils for computers. Audiences around the globe have been receptive to these technologically savvy films, which are both visually stunning and mentally gripping for the whole family. They include such gems as DreamWorks Animation’s “Shrek” franchise […]

‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ is the latest from Apatow’s crew

Fresh off the success of summer blockbusters “Knocked Up” (2007) and “Superbad” (2007) comes the latest Judd Apatow-produced comedy, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Filled with familiar characters, gags and delivery, Apatow’s latest once again manages to leave the audience in tears of laughter. It should not be assumed that this sort of name-brand comedy is new. […]

‘Elizabeth’ offers golden acting, but little else

The film and television industries devote a generous amount of airtime indulging themselves (and their viewers) in the lives of British royalty. With the release of “Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” director Shekhar Kapur’s follow-up to 1998’s “Elizabeth,” viewers invariably ask, what is there left to learn? While the plot of the film is better left […]

Men on the moon land on the silver screen in new British film

No moment in recent history has been more magical or awe-inspiring than Neil Armstrong’s first step on the surface of the moon. The world stood still, not in fear or in mourning, but filled with hope. David Sington’s “In the Shadow of the Moon” takes us back to that moment, when people across the globe […]

Impressive ‘Black Snake’ moans to the blues

If you scrape it down to the bare bones, “Black Snake Moan” is just another story about two people forced to face their tortured pasts. However, that would be denying the film due credit. While it might be the same old story, it’s set to a whole new tune: the blues. Following the critical success […]

Hannibal flick fails to ‘Silence’ questions about Lecter’s past

It’s been 16 years since Anthony Hopkins’ Hannibal Lecter first graced the silver screen in “Silence of the Lambs” (1991). The world watched in awe, captivated by Hannibal the Cannibal’s intensity and charisma. “Oh, right, he’s evil,” audiences had to remind themselves. With “Hannibal Rising,” however, there is never a doubt that Hannibal is a […]

This werewolf flick will make you howl in pain

And so the dump begins. After an ever-so-short period of big blockbusters, artistic dramas and laugh-out-loud comedies, film studios release those movies destined never to reach any sort of Oscar glory. “Blood and Chocolate,” the first of many casualties, presents a disjointed tale of a young werewolf looking for, well, nothing in particular. From the […]