Spencer Finch bridges the gap between poetry and art

Like many artists, Spencer Finch seeks to grasp what we ourselves can’t reach. His installations combine poetry and beauty with science, investigating the limits of perception in a kind of experimental process that may seem unfamiliar at first, but becomes a generous and accessible opportunity to expand our own horizons through art. Finch is an […]

Avant-garde student work creates dialogue on Tufts art gallery walls

The art market is overheated. Prices are rising, as is interest from deep-pocketed investors, and, simply put, art is becoming trendy again. At a time when Art Basel is creating a circus out of Miami, and Chelsea dealers like the Feuer gallery sign on graduate students, the School of Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) Thesis […]

Harvard installation is like taking candy from a … piece of art

A golden carpet greets visitors walking into the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts at Harvard. As eyes adjust to the shimmering mass of color, the shape becomes a clear rectangle, a sharply delineated plane. Upon moving closer, the field of gold coalesces into a tumble of shapes until it finally becomes apparent what the installation […]

The ICA shows intelligent design really does exist

What do Pixar models, “The Sims,” architecture, interactive robots, video games, grids of blue light, viral advertising, fashion and an organ cooler have in common? They all have a place in the Boston Institute for Contemporary Art’s new design show, a manifesto in big block letters: “Design Life Now.” The exhibition, a meandering path that […]

MFA exhibit depicts ‘floating world’ of 17th-century Japanese youth

Walking into the Boston Museum of Fine Arts’ new exhibition of traditional Japanese paintings, “Drama and Desire: Japanese Paintings from the Floating World 1690-1850,” the fresh and dynamic look of the show is utterly striking. The architecture of the entryway promotes a feeling of seclusion with a latticework of white beams, shrouding the paintings inside […]

New MFA exhibit searches for photography medium’s focus

Tufts students, consider yourselves blessed, for the MFA is currently offering not one, but two meditations on regional contemporary art. Just across the room from a selection of bombastic Japanese art sits “Contemporary Outlook: German Photography,” an exhibition dedicated to just that: recent developments in a peculiarly cohesive art form. The wall text for the […]

MFA’s Japanese exhibit shows dialogue between West and East

There is a game of tug of war going on in Japan today. The country that once stood in perfect isolation is now the center of a flowering of visual arts that takes as much from western pop and commodity art as it does from traditional Zen aesthetics and the innate Japanese sense of calligraphy […]

Misaki Kawai invites you into her ‘house’

The Boston Institute for Contemporary Art is continuing its “Momentum” series of one-artist exhibitions with a room-size installation, “Space House,” by Misaki Kawai. The artist, born in Osaka, Japan in 1978, has a unique aesthetic comprised of a rock ‘n’ roll blend of pop, do-it-yourself craft and a healthy sense of humor. Her show at […]

Boston Cyberarts Festival celebrates innovative art in our technological times

This spring, from April 20 to May 6, the Boston Cyberarts Festival will once again take over our city with a network of new media art, music and dance performances, speakers, panels and exhibitions. The festival, a biennial occasion that started in 1999, is a celebration of what has become something of a taboo in […]

ICA exhibit proves that sculptor Louise Bourgeois is part of art world’s ruling class

The Institute for Contemporary Art may have already had its grand opening at its new home on the waterfront, but its current show, “Bourgeois in Boston,” cements the new space as an institution that is both locally concerned and capable of hosting exhibits of the utmost significance and elegance. Louise Bourgeois, the sole artist in […]