Through modern ingenuity, ‘Looper’ reinvigorates sci-fi

  What happens when you meet your future or past self? Theatergoers will find out when “Looper’s” protagonist confronts his future self within the first half of the film in a comical scene that acts as a set-up instead of a climax. This quiet defiance of expectations characterizes the sharp, smart sci-fi thriller as an […]

The Cabin in the Woods’ reinvigorates stale slasher film genre

Genre films are at once breeding grounds for originality and staleness. Fantasy, science fiction and horror have introduced powerful cultural icons, but they also have an infamous tendency to descend into 11?part franchises or endless remakes. In an era when the latter has come to dominate the horror genre, “The Cabin in the Woods” injects […]

ASL program grows, works for recognition

 Among the language programs at Tufts, American Sign Language (ASL) is one of the smallest. Over the past three decades, however, the program has been growing in popularity. Within the Department of Child Development, through which all three ASL classes are offered, ASL I is considered a high-demand course, meaning that students must take special […]

Occupying the American psyche

In this newspaper and in countless others, “Occupy Wall Street” and its offshoots have received much criticism — we hear constantly that the Occupiers are too unclear in their goals, that there’s no leadership. Where are their specific demands? Why don’t they have concrete solutions? Surrounded by the ineffectual world of American politics, it’s easy […]

Up All Night’s’ pilot shows potential

The poster for “Up All Night” features its stars, Will Arnett and Christina Applegate, lying slumped on the ground with a baby on top of them, as Maya Rudolph sits in the background looking important. Under the show’s bright purple title, the tagline reads, “Sleep is for babies.” Superficially, it does convey the basic premise […]