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Kristina Marchand is the executive layout editor at the Tufts Daily. She is a sophomore studying architectural studies and can be reached at [email protected]

Soundtrack to the end of the world: A world post-pandemic, part 1

For this last column, I asked my friends to share a bit of what they’re looking forward to as a post-pandemic world starts to come into focus. They sent me songs of rumination and rest and, most of all, celebration.

Soundtrack to the end of the world: Psychedelic pseudonyms

When asked about my music taste, whether during an awkward first date or during pre-orientation duck, duck, goose, my answer was always the same — “Anything but country, really.” But through the haze of the last year (carrying my clothes in trash bags and dozens of pies out of Latin Way), I found my music taste through much trial and error, not understanding what I liked, and chasing the goosebumps. So now, when asked what music I like listening to, I answer, “weird … psychedelic … funky.” I like my music to not sound normal, to put you on edge as much as it soothes you.  

Letter from the Managing Board: Covering our global community

Dear Tufts Community, These are trying times. With heavy hearts, we will leave our Hill behind this weekend, many months too early. Nevertheless, our community has shown incredible resolve, facing these rapid and unprecedented changes in stride and coming together as the vibrant community we are. Kindness, support and generosity have poured forth for those […]

Letter from the Managing Board: Celebrating 40 years

Today marks four decades since the founding of The Tufts Daily. In this time, over 1,800 members of our masthead have worked to put rigorous, ethical and community-oriented journalism into print every weekday for 40 years, covering daily life at Tufts and the various milestones along the way. We are humbled to be at the […]