Koloris Wu is a first-year who has not yet declared a major. Koloris can be reached at [email protected]

Kolumn: When without feet

The martlet is a mythical bird found primarily in English, French and German heraldry. Depending on the country, there is some dispute as to which bird species martlets belong to. Martlets are unique in that they don’t have feet. This characteristic has lent the martlet many symbolic meanings and features in cultural rhetoric, even to […]

Kolumn: Jottings on quarantine mentalities

Unfortunately, as a Chinese international student, returning home for summer break in 2022 was extraordinarily difficult. It took me 21 days after taking off from LAX to arrive at my bedroom in Shenzhen, joined by high expenses and extreme mental exhaustion comparable to physical fatigue. I don’t want to dig into too many details about […]

Kolumn: Taking the shape of others

As interpersonal relationships play a good role in the survival and well-being of social animals like humans, ways to establish, maintain or repair connections between subjects have been perpetual hotspots for public opinion to either discuss or reflect upon. Moreover, it has been an aspect that is inevitably analyzed in academia whenever the issue relates […]

Kolumn: Making reconciliation the zeitgeist

Last Friday night, I gave myself a study break and went to see “Everything Everywhere All at Once” (2022) at the Somerville Theatre. The film was great. Plot-wise, it contains many conflicts, ranging from a bicker in a laundry shop to an existential crisis. Although based on a fantastical setting, most of the scenes are […]

Kolumn: What we mean when we talk about nostalgia

Nostalgia is a Greek compound. It is the combination of the word νόστος (nóstos) or “homecoming” and ἄλγος (álgos), “pain and ache.” This deconstruction of the word precisely describes, in my opinion, the exclusively human feeling of bittersweetness, a mix of emotions that evoke a larger complex of sentiments. To begin with, ‘homecoming’ literally means […]

Kolumn: What’s more needed than ‘protecting ourselves’

Content warning: This column discusses human trafficking. The city Xuzhou is a center of transportation in eastern China and a major city in the Jiangsu Province. However, with the exposure of the Xuzhou Feng County incident on Jan. 28, it is worth considering the impact of human trafficking on its sizeable population. The incident came […]

Kolumn: Lunar New Year and feeling at home anywhere

The 31st of January is a special day for people whose cultures adopted the Lunar Calendar — a full lunar Year of the Ox has ended. Different from the solar calendar, which records time in terms of the Earth’s completion of orbiting the sun, the lunar calendar is based on the different phases of the […]