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Channeling Ina: A semester in review

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to paint for you the picture of where we have been and where we are going, so that your education does not pass by you like a warm summer’s day. And by education, I mean all of the extensive (i.e. potentially interesting but mostly superfluous) information about food, cooking […]

Channeling Ina: Healthy eating during finals weeks (without losing your mind)

Choosing nutritious (and delicious) foods to eat can be hard enough for college students during our regular semester schedules. Add finals into the mix, and soon enough we’re all diving headfirst into a family-sized bag of M&Ms. The hard thing is, it is so important to make nutritious food choices for maximum academic performance and […]

Channeling Ina: Food and identity

Food is one of the great cultural universals: it transcends geography, age and race. Everyone, no matter their background, feels content after a hot meal and the warmth in which delicious food envelops your body. Yet the details of what we cook and eat, from the moment we pick or purchase our food to when we […]

Nine dishes every college student should know how to make

Want to win friends and influence people? Just feed them. Cooking doesn’t have to always be spontaneous, elaborate or stressful, nor does it have to look like a scene out of “Bridget Jones’ Diary.” With standby, reliable recipes in your toolbox, you can be equipped for any type of social gathering or meal. Skip the […]

Channeling Ina: Rut-busting dining hall hacks

It’s the time of the semester where we’ve all realized that the dining halls operate on a six-week rotating schedule, and while we all like our routine as much as Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, sometimes it’s good to give your taste buds something different. Even on our busiest days, it is worth it to […]

Channeling Ina: Essential cookbooks for the young millennial

Before Tasty videos and Insta-recipe posts became mainstream, cookbooks were the fail-safe go-to for learning new recipes. In the Internet age where young adults google everything and eschew physical things, I still think that having a few classic cookbooks is absolutely necessary when you are first learning how to cook. These cookbooks below range from […]

Channeling Ina: Chemistry in the kitchen

Science is everywhere! By everywhere, I don’t mean Tisch group study the night before all of the chemistry and biology exams. Science rules most things in the world around us, including all of the cooking and baking processes that turn raw ingredients into delicious food. Food chemistry is by far the best kind of chemistry. Food […]

Channeling Ina: My favorite food podcasts

I love a good podcast. Maybe it’s because I grew up listening to “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me” and “Fresh Air,” or maybe it’s because there’s nothing better to listen to while you’re hanging out on the Red Line. Either way, it’s probably one of easiest, most entertaining ways to stay up to speed on current […]

Channeling Ina: Do’s and don’ts for Foodstagrams

Let’s get a few things straight: we are all millennials, and few things satisfy us more than Instagram likes. I’m not in a sorority, so I don’t have the same following on social media as some girls at Tufts do, but I bet I can make my brunch food shot look better than your big/little […]

Channeling Ina: Boston and Camberville’s Best Bakeries

A little known (or well known, depending on how well you know me) fact about me is that my internal compass (due North? Is that what the rest of you use?) points to gluten. This special talent has made me privy to the very best places to buy your breads, pastries and other baked goods in […]