Khuyen Bui is a member of the Class of 2017 who majored in computer science and a former columnist for The Tufts Daily. Khuyen can be reached at [email protected]

Op-Ed: From abolishment to co-creation

I’ve been watching the unfolding drama on Pro Row during my undergrad career at Tufts, and I think it’s almost as good as Games of Thrones (2011–). You have the Establishment vs the Rebel, engaging in a lengthy attritional war. Since last year, the Rebel launched a massive attack that devastated the Establishment. It’s unclear […]

Dear Jumbo: The importance of living importantly

Today is an important day. I hope you feel that way, for a good education should help one develop a sense of importance in the work one does. I don’t mean it in an egocentric way. The ego has a bad rep for a good reason: The world has indeed borne countless wrecks due to some […]

Dear Jumbo: Choose pain over numbness

One thing I’m grateful for in life is that many people have shared with me their more intimate, vulnerable sides. Take an earlier personal experience: I grew up with neither many haves nor wants. When I went to schools with wealthier friends, I was surprised at how many put-together people are a mess inside. From […]

Dear Jumbo: A clown who stops trying to be funny

For most of my life, I’ve been taught to work hard. Although this work ethic has served me well, it can also hold me back. College for me has been about unlearning this hardworking mentality and learning to let go instead.  Clowning was one of those classes where not trying hard is the way. Last spring, […]

Dear Jumbo: I fall in love with the body

This week, let’s talk about the big L. Love. Our society hates paternalism. We don’t like people telling us what to do, let alone how to be. It is not surprising then that talking about loving one another as people is only a topic for “religious” folks, who are becoming more outdated in the eyes […]

Dear Jumbo: Three truths and no lie

On April Fools’, three friends shared with me three truths.  Truth A: Accept good intentions. This comes to you at some points during your Tufts experience when you inevitably have an argument about whether human nature is good or bad. From a dear friend: “Most people don’t intend to hurt others. Even the most wicked […]

Dear Jumbo: On achievement and fulfillment

-Saturday afternoon, 55 days to graduation, Whole Foods, San Francisco- “What’s the difference between achievement and fulfillment?” My mind wondered. As I closed my eyes and prepared to enter a nice nap, I found myself naturally reflecting on the journey so far. Many of us remember that feeling of wanting something so badly. For me, it […]

Dear Jumbo: Vu Deja

You may have heard of Deja Vu, but have you heard of its alter ego, Vu Deja? If Deja Vu is the feeling of having already experienced a seemingly new situation, then Vu Deja is the exact opposite. It is seeing something we already know as if it were the first time. I first experienced […]

Dear Jumbo: Don’t be yourself

“I’m sick of this whole job application thing where I have to fit in a specific mold, measured by GPA and resumes that do not define who I am.” You may have heard or even experienced a similar sentiment before. Think about adapting to the norms of new friends or applying for jobs (hello seniors!). […]

Dear Jumbo: DTR

This phrase caught on in my mind like a meme when a friend taught it to me a few weeks ago. I would tell people, “I just learned this really cool phrase: DTR!” to which they would ask, “What does it stand for?” The moment I said, “Define The Relationship,” everyone’s eyes lit up: “Oh yeah, I […]