Kenia French is a Features Editor at the Tufts Daily. She is a junior majoring in International Relations and Environmental Studies. She can be reached at

CAFE discussion group supports interfaith identity, social change at Tufts

Upon entering Goddard Chapel at 8 p.m. last Wednesday night, a small group of students was sitting on the plushy carpet by the altar, arranged around a bucket of individually wrapped twizzlers. This group is an interfaith discussion organization called CAFE, and they have gathered to discuss the intersections between faith and the environment. The conversation flows naturally […]

Tufts students convert traditional needlework hobby into a unique business

You may not find a cream-colored crocheted bikini top or an embroidery hoop with “f— off” artfully etched into it at your grandma’s house, but you may start seeing them around Tufts. In a time of two-minute power naps and mass production, three Tufts students have reclaimed a seemingly antiquated hobby of needlework and made it into […]

History on the Hill: The ExCollege transforms from experiment to Tufts institution

There’s only one place on campus where students can participate in such wide-ranging and timely classes such as “Human Development in the Digital Age,” “Rethinking Disability,” and even “The Bachelor & Society:” The Tufts Experimental College (ExCollege). During the ExCollege’s 53 years on campus, it has become a right of passage for Tufts students to join in on at least […]

New registration date for ExCollege brings department into the mainstream

In the past, students have had to wait several weeks after picking their regular classes to register for ExCollege classes. But this semester, the ExCollege debuted a new registration date for its fall 2017 classes. For the first time, ExCollege classes are available for registration on SIS at the same time as general course registration. According to Howard […]

Bridge professors, assistant professors innovate across diverse disciplines

As a liberal arts school, Tufts prides itself on its ability to provide students with the opportunity to pursue a diverse range of scholarly interests across disciplines. Since fall 2013, Tufts has been working to hire professors with multiple areas of expertise through both its Bridge Professorships Program and Mellon Bridge Assistant Professorships Program, both […]