Kevin Du is a first-year who has not yet declared a major. Kevin can be reached at [email protected]

Senior Profile: Bhargava conducts international research with focus on economics and human rights

After four demanding yet rewarding years, graduating senior Atrey Bhargava is ending his undergraduate career as the Wendell Philips Speaker of the 2021 Baccalaureate Ceremony at Tufts. Every year, this honor is awarded to one senior who demonstrates “both marked ability as a speaker and a high sense of public responsibility,” according to the University […]

Chinese international students discuss [email protected] program

For Tufts international students in China, finding a community in their home country is still possible. Since last summer, Tufts Global Education has collaborated with Beijing Normal University to create the [email protected] program, which allows Chinese international students to take online Tufts classes and in-person BNU classes. 

Exceptional pass/fail raises questions about equity in grades

As a first-year at Tufts and an international student from Costa Rica, Isaac Rodriguez Zuniga has faced many challenges in college life during the COVID-19 pandemic. With English as his second language, Rodriguez Zuniga often encounters language barriers in class; the muffling effect of masks and Zoom lectures with over 200 participants do not make […]

Class of 2020 shares difficulties with post-graduation job search

With no grand ceremonies, formal goodbyes, best friends’ hugs or just one more time walking down the President’s Lawn, seniors nevertheless had to seek jobs while COVID-19 dramatically changed the labor market.

Religious communities persevere, innovate in wake of pandemic restriction

'No matter the obstacles, we all crave meaningful connection': Chaplaincy finds new ways to connect amid COVID-19 restrictions.