Tufts and Boston University researchers weave ‘invisibility cloak’ out of silk

When most people hear the word “silk,” they are likely to envision shimmering, lavish fabrics worn by royalty and elites; they are not, however, likely to think of biomedical sensors and practical scientific metamaterials. But for a team of researchers at Tufts’ School of Engineering and Boston University, this assumption could not be less accurate. […]

From the Editor in Chief | Keeping Tradition

To all of our readers, welcome back and happy 2010! While many of us were taking it easy for the holidays, the never-ending news cycle didn’t seem to get the memo that it was vacation time. Since our last issue came out on Dec. 11, a lot has happened both on and off the Hill. […]

Facebook.com creates form to standardize use of profiles of the deceased

Grieving processes and rituals have perpetuated throughout vastly different cultures for thousands of years. But in today’s age of technology, some aspects of dealing with death have taken an unexpected turn. With the use of social networking sites and other innovations, people can now keep their loved ones present online long after they have passed […]

Furlough frenzy hits California colleges

College students generally revel in the prospect of missing class without repercussions, rejoicing over snow days and surprise class cancellations. But for students in the California State University (CSU) system, in which statewide budget cuts have led to a marked decrease in the number of classes being held, the joy is becoming increasingly bittersweet. In […]

Fulfilling the football fantasy, off the field

For the average student, Monday nights typically consist of trying to get a jump on the week’s work and perhaps taking a break to watch some prime time television. But for students who play fantasy football, Monday night is football night, and the beginning of the week has a completely different meaning. Fantasy football started […]

Preventing crime, a single e-mail at a time

First-year students attending Tufts may find the number of security alerts and tests already issued this year by the Department of Public Safety a bit shocking; but for upperclassmen, it is almost commonplace to receive e-mails about attacks and muggings near campus. Security alerts issued to students have seen an increase in the last five […]

Fight songs, beanies and dressing up as babies

Click above for an audio feature including interviews with Jackson College alumni about their memories of Tufts.       Today hazing is a term generally associated with underground fraternity rituals, overzealous drinking and stern bans by colleges. But there was a time when hazing was not only tolerated, it was encouraged.    Until the late 1960s […]

Tufts senior participates in Jeopardy! College Championship

The appeal of the game show is easy to see: The ability to make big bucks with relatively little work, the prospect of seeing one’s own face on television, and the potential bragging rights of becoming a winner all make becoming a contestant widely attractive. And it’s certainly not unusual to hear avid viewers make […]

“Cash Cab” concept may head south: University of Oklahoma student proposes turning safe rides program into game show

Many universities around the United States have safe ride and police escort programs for students who don’t feel comfortable walking or driving home late at night. But despite relentless warnings surrounding the dangers of strolling home alone and driving under the influence, many such escort services are not always heavily utilized. Students at the University […]

Local company gets greener

When the Somerville business Taza Chocolate used United Parcel Service (UPS) to ship its products to local establishments as close as two miles from its chocolate factory, UPS first sent the products 120 miles away to a sorting center in Rhode Island before transporting them back to the Boston area. The owners of Taza, a […]