Kendall Todd

Kendall Todd is the Executive Features Editor for the Tufts Daily. She is a senior double-majoring in International Relations and French and can be reached at [email protected]

Marathon profile: Shoshana Weiner

Shoshana Weiner, a senior majoring in geological sciences, ran the Boston Marathon yesterday with the Tufts Marathon Team. She said she first got involved with the team during her sophomore year, when she volunteered at the marathon race. “I heard about [the team] freshman year, but I was a little scared,” she said. “But I ran […]

Marathon profile: Mauri Honickman

Mauri Honickman, a senior sociology major, ran in the Boston Marathon yesterday as a member of the Tufts Marathon Team. She began training in the fall of her junior year, although she originally planned to train for a half-marathon in the beginning. “I was kind of looking for a challenge, something outside of my academics, something outside […]

Campus Comment: Spring Fling reactions

“I’m still going to go. I’ve done crazier things on weekdays, so a Sunday isn’t a big deal.” Thomas Coons, ’19 “I think people should be grateful that Tufts even puts on a concert. Our tuition is for paying for education, not for concerts, so people should stop complaining.” Tyler Klein, ’19 “I wasn’t super excited, […]

Flashback Friday: Squirrel wreaks havoc with Tufts power lines, 1989

On Oct. 23, 1989, the Tufts campus and parts of Medford and Somerville lost power for 45 minutes between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. According to an Oct. 24, 1989 Daily article, 8,764 people were affected by the blackout, and several classes at Tufts were forced to cancel midterms. The culprit? A squirrel. The squirrel apparently […]

University programs work to promote emergency preparedness

Since Oct. 1, five shootings have occurred across colleges and universities in Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee and North Carolina. As these acts of campus violence reignite national debates about guns and mental health, Tufts added a reminder to students’ home pages in Student Information Services (SIS) about the university’s prevention initiative, Tufts Threat Assessment and Management (TTAM) program, which University President Anthony […]

Student initiative pushes for tobacco-free campus

The Daily published an editorial last April arguing against banning smoking on campus on the grounds that it would infringe upon the right to smoke. The piece quickly sparked debate among community members, generating over 30 comments on the article online. While Tufts declares itself “smoke-free,” the Tufts Tobacco-Free Initiative, a student-run organization under the Tufts Peer Health […]

Green Line Extension project faces $1 billion in excess costs

Tufts students and Somerville/Medford residents anticipating the public transportation update promised by the Green Line Extension Project (GLX) may have even more waiting to do; Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority (MBTA) officials announced on Aug. 21 that the project will cost between $700 million and $1 billion more than originally planned. The GLX project, which would extend the […]


As I type this column, I am sitting in a cafe at the very summit of a 1,379 meter mountain just outside of Geneva, Switzerland. The sky is blue, and I can count only three individual clouds, two of which are wispy barely-there streaks of translucent white. The city below is sprawling and lovely, all […]

Scooter envy

When most people think about popular European modes of transport, a few vehicles come to mind, namely complicated railway systems, tall noisy buses and tiny electric cars that zip around the city with a hum, sometimes even driving on the sidewalks and scattering pedestrians on their way. Well, I’m here to tell you that, while […]

Time check

I’m afraid I don’t have much to talk about this week other than midterms, which have been occupying my every waking moment since I got back from Geneva. This week, I have about a zillion things to do — by the time you’re reading this column, I will hopefully have turned in one of two […]