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New and existing volunteer student organizations optimistically enter upcoming academic year

Despite the barriers to connecting with each other created by the COVID-19 pandemic, several Tufts students were able to create new communities during the 2020–21 academic year in the form of volunteer organizations. Two of these new clubs were Tufts chapters of the national organizations Project Sunshine and Camp Kesem. In addition, Teach-in-CORES was able […]

Reflecting on civic education this year with CIRCLE’s Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg

A goal of Educating for American Democracy is to make students feel empowered to be active participants in democracy when they grow older. According to Kawashima-Ginsberg, civic education and culture at the college level are a vital next step in the process of fostering democratic ideas among young people. She noted that, at Tufts, a culture of civic engagement already exists but can be improved upon.

Religious groups creatively embrace community this spring holiday season

At this time last year, most Tufts religious and philosophical student organizations did not do any holiday programming, as students had just recently been sent home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and were still adjusting to virtual platforms such as Zoom. The story is much different this year, however, as students and staff have had a year to learn and adapt to both virtual and socially distant gatherings, and are unable to travel home to celebrate due to Tufts' travel policy.

Greater Boston area celebrates 2nd St. Patrick’s Day during pandemic

Last St. Patrick’s Day came just shy of a week after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic and only a day after Tufts required that all students move out of on-campus housing. It was the first holiday we experienced in a pandemic, and many states were just beginning to enter almost total lockdown. So little was known about how the virus spread that wearing face masks was not yet the norm for most people in the United States.

Inspired by Amanda Gorman, students, community members come together with creative writing

Creative writers of all ages were inspired by Gorman’s poem and excited to see the craft receive well-deserved media attention. Among these writers was Lloyd Schwartz, Somerville’s poet laureate and the Frederick F. Troy Professor of English Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

What’s up with winter?

The first snow of the fall semester came the day before Halloween. Spirits were high. Tufts students rejoiced in celebrating the snow’s descent, embracing the joy of their inner child. Jumbos snowboarded, inner-tubed and sledded down President’s Lawn’s winter wonderland of a hill.

In-person students miss animal interaction

College students always miss their pets, but this year in particular, in-person Tufts students seem to be craving animal interaction. Even students whose families live near Tufts cannot go home and visit their pets as frequently as they may have in previous years because going home for the weekend breaks COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Mass. requires flu vaccinations for college students, Tufts urges quick compliance

In August, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health released a statement requiring all students attending college in Massachusettts to receive the influenza vaccination annually.

Massachusetts Question 2: Ranked-choice voting

The second referendum question Massachusetts voters will see on their November 2020 ballots is whether they support using ranked-choice voting for state elections. Maine became the first state in the U.S. to implement ranked-choice voting after a similar referendum in 2016.

Students, DCA documenting moment in time during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic will without a doubt make the history books, and as members of a generation living through this crisis while in college, every Tufts student will have a story to share with the people of the future.  Tufts students are finding unique ways to document these times. One such student is Megan Kang, […]