Kate Seklir is an alumni liaison and former managing editor at The Tufts Daily. She is a senior studying political science with minors in English and film & media studies. Kate can be reached at [email protected]

Kate in Paris: The end

Endings, as I am sure we have all heard or felt ourselves, are often bittersweet. There is sadness in closing one chapter and knowing that things will likely never be exactly as they once were, and there is apprehension in the thought of what might come next. Will it match what came before? Did we […]

Kate in Paris: On my own

This week, while I am on my Tufts-in-Paris spring break, I have found myself with five whole free days to spend in Paris, ones which I am trying to use to soak up the remaining time I have left in this incredible city. As the end of my program nears — there are only about […]

Kate in Paris: In Bordeaux

This weekend, along with the rest of the Tufts-in-Paris program, I boarded an early-morning train from Paris’ Gare Montparnasse and set off toward Bordeaux, a city in the southwest of France and a part of the country’s Aquitaine region. While many places that I visited this semester have made for entirely new experiences — full […]

Kate in Paris: Visitors

Two weeks ago, thanks to several Tufts friends who came to visit Paris (and me), I had the chance to reexperience the city through their eyes and feel the excitement of Paris all over again.   As I am sure many of my readers might be aware, two weeks ago was Tufts’ spring break, and it […]

Kate in Paris: In spring

I know the same cannot be said for Medford, where the weather within the past week has fluctuated between 60 degrees and sunny and 30 degrees and snowy, but spring seems to be drawing imminently closer in Paris. While spring does not officially begin until March 20 this year — the day on which the […]

Kate in Paris: Museums

Stumbling upon a museum in Paris has felt to me almost as common as traipsing in and out of the ‘boulangeries’ which dot seemingly every street corner of the city. Well, maybe not to that same degree — Paris boasts an astonishing 30,000-plus bakeries and almost 300 museums — but it certainly seems that way. […]

Kate in Paris: Moving

Moving somewhere new is always a challenge. During my time at Tufts, I’ve moved both into — and then prematurely out of — the classic freshman double in Bush Hall, into and out of a cozy single in a suite in Haskell Hall and then into and partially out of my own off-campus house shared […]

‘Renegades: Born in the USA’ balances tough conversation with undeniable chemistry

In their latest pandemic ventures, former President Barack Obama and rock star Bruce Springsteen commandeered the podcast space, sitting down for “Renegades: Born in the USA” to unpack their shared understanding of family, work, race and America itself. Their chemistry is palpable throughout each episode, giving readers an exclusive look into their off-camera personas. The duo provides insight into the present condition of the country, assessing how it came to be so divided.

Professors, students highlight significance of department name changes

What’s in a name? At Tufts, sometimes even a small change, like that of a department’s name, may explain a broader shift in the department’s focus, mission or cross-disciplinary nature. Multiple academic departments’ names have undergone changes within the past few years: Art and Art History has become History of Art and Architecture, Classics has […]