Kaitlyn Wells is a Deputy Features Editor at the Tufts Daily. She is a sophomore studying international relations with a focus in global health and environment. Kaitlyn can be reached at [email protected]

Upperclassman housing is a complicated endeavor for many Tufts students

After a year of adjusting to life on the Hill, Tufts undergraduates return to campus as sophomores with a greater sense of familiarity — and obligations. As they settle into a new dorm, it’s not long before they are confronted with the task of planning where to live the following academic year.  At Tufts, it’s […]

Demystifying student club recruitment season

Editor’s note: Abigail Sommers is a video journalist at The Tufts Daily. Sommers was not involved in the writing or editing of this article. The time comes every semester for Tufts student clubs to flaunt their feathers — typically at the club fair, on social media and even on chalked sidewalks — all in the […]

Academic journeys continue through Tufts Summer Sessions

Each summer, Tufts students and visitors enroll in summer session classes that occur for a number of weeks during the break between the two regular academic semesters. This year, the Tufts summer session included both virtual and in-person opportunities to study a selection of classes that may be offered during the academic year, as well […]

The Sidechat storm: An anonymous social media application takes over Tufts campus

Sidechat is arguably the hottest online development to have struck Tufts’ campus this year. It is a smartphone application where users can post short messages and images completely anonymously in a domain accessible to anyone with an active Tufts email account.  On Sidechat, usernames do not exist. Other features include anonymous commenting, direct messaging between […]

The ABCs of grade inflation at Tufts

If the letters ‘ABC’ send a chill down your spine, perhaps you’re a Tufts student and currently in the middle of midterm season. As Tufts becomes an increasingly competitive institution, here we will take a look at grades at Tufts in the national context of grade inflation. Looking broadly, a 2010 study from the Teachers […]

Tufts student bands talk music, performing

From the rumbling practice rooms in the Granoff Music Center to various basements and stages across Tufts’ campus, student bands are drawn together by a shared love for live music. These bands are independently formed groups as opposed to registered student organizations. Some of them — Honeymoon, Fease, Salt Hog, Emperor Jones, Fossil and Chowder […]

From SMFA Affirmations to Tufts Ice Cream, student-run Instagram accounts shake up Tufts’ online presence

Tufts inhabits a variety of online spaces, and Instagram is one that represents a motley of cultural life, coming in the form of student-run accounts that are not affiliated with Tufts as an institution. These social media accounts are often anonymous and sustained by contributions from a community of users.  Some accounts cater toward the […]

Features first-year Kaitlyn Wells talks all things Tufts Daily with former Executive Features Editor Amelia Becker

Senior Amelia Becker is a sociology and economics double major from Norwalk, Conn. The Tufts Daily has been lucky to have her as a veteran contributor, with nearly eight semesters under her belt.  Amelia Becker (AB): I started my freshman fall writing for Features, so I’ve written and edited for Feats all four years, also serving […]

Tufts’ consortiums: Underappreciated or overrated?

Disclaimer: Brendan Hartnett and Allie Birger are former editorialists at The Tufts Daily. They were not involved in the writing or editing of this article. Consortium is the term for a network of colleges that share scholastic resources by allowing students to cross-register for classes at any of the institutions. Tufts has consortium agreements with […]

Tufts faculty weigh in on Boston mayor Wu’s plans for sustainability, justice

Boston has recently witnessed a dramatic shift in the annals of its mayoral history. A shift toward an administration that puts a spotlight on environmental justice, headed by a woman, person of color, mother and millennial all for the first time: Michelle Wu. Julian Agyeman is a Tufts professor of urban and environmental policy and […]

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